How to be more creative in the Sunday Million

If you are thinking of taking a shot at the reduced buy-in Sunday Million, check out this series on how to creatively approach this event.


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Today LuckyLukePS is back with the final part of his unique take on how to approach the Sunday Million. 

He is reviewing the play of a good MTT regular (who is also a student of his) who had a recent deep run in this tournament. 

What makes this particularly interesting is that the student in question likes to experiment and take unconventional lines. This is both his biggest advantage because he is difficult to play against, but also can be very risky, especially deep in a tournament. 

Now that the Sunday Million has halved its buy-in there will be more players to navigate through and as such, you need a more versatile gameplan to approach this marquee event. 

In case you missed it, here is part 1 and part 2 of this MTT review. 

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