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Get ready for a big MTT grind by seeing how our coach plays a big schedule in real time. coach i

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We welcome back our new coach honigmund38 for his second series (which you will really want to watch right to the end of the series, no spoilers). 

We introduced you to him earlier this month and he kicked off his Poker School career with a HUSNG video, this time he is showing us the other game he excels in - MTTs. 

This is live recorded session of one of his Friday night sessions, which is something we haven't done in a while with an MTT coach and obviously is very useful for understanding how our coach managed his games, as well as displaying his thought processes in real time.  

This is the first part in a bigger series covering his entire Friday night session, join us again very soon to find out how he gets on when he is deeper into the action. 

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