Putting the final touches to your HUD

Get a massive edge in this new series about building a HUD that will make the professionals jealous.

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July 3, 20:00 CEST

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LemOn36 is back with a new series that will give you the knowledge to make technology work for you at the poker tables. 

Our coach is going to show you how to build a custom HUD and use it at the tables to maximise your edge at the table and learn the important stats for your game. 

For this he will be using Hand2Note which is a PokerStars approved dynamic HUD that does so much more than the typical Heads-Up Displays. 

Tonight at 20:00 CET our coach brings everything together and adds some final touches to our new custom HUD.  

  • June 12: The basics (recording)
  • June 19: Building a custom HUD (recording)
  • June 26: Popups and custom stats (recording)
  • July 3: Analysis and final touches

Find out more and ask questions at LemOn36's official thread

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Comments (11)

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  • tropicana1


    Very good !
  • kacsa1st


    Imo these fancy HUDs are useless. A pt4 or hm2 is more than enough!!

    Most of the players need a simple hud cos they dont have enough samplesize to make deeper stats relevant.

    And i mean u really need a ton of hands when u wanna make assumptions on those turn/river stats! Instead making big (dynamic) hud just try to use your brain and think about the spot. Don t rely on stats which may or may not repevant to a specific spot!

    Otherwise i don't want to hold back anyone to by another expensive software! LFG an buy if u felt u need it ;)
  • LemOn36


    kacsa1st it's actually Free for up to NL25!
    And this will be a reality show, not an advert or anything as I'm actually going to learn to work with hand2note and work on my actual, day-to-day HUD with you guys in the chat!

    I've always used HEM/PT4 and built a HUD, popups, stats and filters a couple times for both several times, taking 20-40 hours each time.

    And in this series you will see me actually learning hand2note, discovering the differences, building a HUD and you can judge if it actually is a worthy upgrade over the two originals yourselves!
  • kacsa1st


    I got u!

    Definitely worth to try out especially to those who play up to nl25 (and not having any tracker) cos it s free. And ofc it is a good thing to show them how to make huds/popups but dont need to be too fancy, simlpe hud is enough.

    I think the most important use of a tracker is to rewiev your own play. I do not know deeply the h2n but i m sure if someone already owns hm or pt they do not need another one ;)
  • kacsa1st


    I guess everyone can make his/her own decision as an adult ;)
    I ve just shared my opinion
  • CptJokerFish


    Even the high/nosebleed players that I know dont use any fancy HUD stats. But maybe this stuff is helpful for some people. I dont use Hand2Note myself but I think that it is a very good tool and its even free up to NL25. That gives beginners a good tool to build up a bankroll.
  • ototot13


    i aggree with kacsa1st, use ps4 when play and hm2 for fitter is enough.imo h2n power is load very fast and is can analys player pool with big sample very well
  • imgoingtomirage


    Nice discussion guys! Today LemOn36 will be hosting 2nd part of this series. Join our twitch at 20:00 CEST!
  • LemOn36


    Thank you kacsa1st
    we brought up your points last week (check videos) and will again today
    especially the simplicity
  • imgoingtomirage


    Third episode today!
  • imgoingtomirage


    Join today for the last stream of this series :)