Rail Pleno1 in the SCOOP Main Event High Roller

Our very own Patrick 'Pleno1' Leonard is deep in the $10,300 SCOOP Main Event and you can watch us rail him tonight from 20:30 CET along with expert analysis from Unam.

Game type: MTT
Coach: AdminUnam
Status: Free Free
Time: May 19, 20:30 CET
 Open coaching chat now

IMPORTANT: Click the link above to chat with Unam during the coaching via our coaching player.

AdminPleno1 is 17th out of 60 players left in the SCOOP High Main Event. He is already guaranteed $23,000 for his efforts, but will be eyeing up a first prize of $1.2 million. 

Commenting on the action all night will be our special guest coach AdminUnam.

Be sure to join us tonight, and to wish Patrick good luck in his 2014 blog thread

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Comments (4)

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  • SvenBe


    He guys - live commentary will by by Unam - Pleno1 will of course be concentrating on playing.
  • LemOn36


    why do you do this to me?
    It's Kwan Um Zen Practice or this tonight, tough choice :]
  • jhustincase


    Gogogo pleno. Let your good run ( obv good play) crack the fish
    Ship it like a pro. Gogo
  • jhustincase


    Does anyone knows why is not working on my s4 android phone? Before i could use on samsung galaxy s1. What plugin i have to use thx!