"I am nanonoko" - A Documentary About Online Legend Randy Lew [VIDEO]

PokerStars visited Randy "nanonoko" Lew at home to shoot a short film about the VIP Supernova Elite. You can watch the insightful video in this news.

Randy Lew
nanonoko - Team PokerStars Online Pro
In the short documentary film "I am Nanonoko", PokerStars lets us in on the two lives of this likeable online star. We get an insight into his private life with his friends and into his "work" life at the poker tables.

At the beginning of his poker career, Randy "nanonoko" Lew started out at the low stakes and played 4-6 tables simultaneously, just like so many others.

As time went on, he steadily increased the number of tables - especially because he was trying to become Supernova Elite at PokerStars.com as quickly as possible. In the end, he played up to 24 tables - his maximum so far.

It was therefore no surprise that he easily made it to Supernova Elite at PokerStars.com in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Born in America to Chinese parents, he first discovered poker through friends at college. Before that, he was active in the eSports scene, which was still in its beginnings back then, where he particularly focused on "Street Fighter".

Find the entire video here:

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  • striko15


    Man u/r n1
  • Zhusy


    Elky is my fav e-sports poker PRO though!
  • tryhardnoob


    This really inspired me, Im currently playing 16 tables at the micros. And now I want to move up to 20 just cause I watched this. I want to work hard and become good just like this guy!
  • Titicamara


    lol a millionaire hanging out among the gamers..nice
  • Mako2d2f


    how the hell can u follow 24 tables?