Dan Bilzerian on the Joe Rogan podcast

Probably the most in depth interview you will ever see on the poker player and Instagram star.

If you are a fan of the Joe Rogan Experience you will know it is a podcast where you learn a lot about the guest because of its long form format and anything goes attitude. Past guests have included Lance Armstrong, Russell Brand, Louis Theroux, just about every comedian and every UFC star, and even poker pro Isaac Haxton. 

Last night his guest was Instagram star and poker player Dan Bilzerian. Despite the fact that Bilzerian lives his bizarre life on social media he rarely does any sort of interview and Rogan has been trying to set this one up for years. 

In fact it was Mr Rogan who initially put Bilzerian in contact with Lance Armstrong for his infamous cycling prop bet.

It's three hours long and we haven't watched it yet, but you can guarantee it is NSFW (though why you would be watching a three hour video at work is beyond us anyway):

What were your thoughts on the interview? Major insights? Share them in the comments:

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Comments (2)

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  • molderz


    I suggest to everyone to listen to this interview, especially to haters of Dan..
  • sirilidion


    caught a view moments live and unfortunately I haven't had the time yet to watch the whole intervie, but what I heard it definatly seems like a interesting interview that is woth watching :)