Lex gives a 6+ Hold'em Masterclass

We round up the best videos of the week including Bill Perkins talks life, Jaime Staples talks motivation and Lex tackles Short Deck.

Lex on 6+ Hold'em

Lex Veldhuis was a big fan of 6+ Hold'em way before PokerStars launched it, and here he is with a lengthy video on how to play it:

Gross chats with Perkins

Poker players flock to Bill Perkins whenever he is interviewed because he seems to inspire both with his achievements and his lifestyle. Here he is this week with free agent Jeff Gross:

Staples talks motivation

If there is one thing you understand after pulling off the greatest weight loss bet of all time, it's motivation, which was the topic of the latest Jaime Staples video:

USPO Cooler

Expect more of this next week as the High Rollers do battle next week in the US Poker Open.

Ship it to Mamacita

Finally this was one of the most popular hands of the week, we have no idea why....

Who are you watching on YouTube? Let us know in the comments:

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  • GaspodeWD


    Watch Lex's Stream and missed this one, 6+ looks fun.
  • wobbletones


    Really cool videos