PokerStars launch 'Win the Button' tournaments

Following a very popular run in PokerStars live events the 'Win the Button' format is coming to the online MTT schedule from today.

PokerStars dealer button
The format is a hit in live events

The format is simply that the player who wins the pot will be awarded with the Dealer Button for the next hand. In the case of a split pot, the button moves to the winning player closest to the left of the existing button.

Obviously therefore there is a massive strategic advantage to the player who wins the pot as they get to play in position the next hand. It's also potentially a major strategic disadvantage for the players having their blinds stolen by the button in the late stages of the game. 

The format made its debut in WCOOP #59 this year when ‘sousinha23’ from Hungary won $104,284.57. Now the format is being rolled out across the site.

Daily Win the Button schedule

win the button pokerstars
The new format in action

There will be 11 daily “Win The Button” tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $2.20 to $162. In addition, there will be two weekly ‘majors’ held on Saturdays; one $55 buy-in with a $25,000 guarantee and the ‘Mini Major’ with a buy-in of $5.50 with a $5,000 guarantee.

  • 02:10 - $3.30 Re-Entry $750 Gtd
  • 03:30 $4.40 8-Max R+A $500 Gtd
  • 07:10 - $5.50 $1.5K Gtd
  • 09:10 - $55 $4K Gtd
  • 11:15 - $3.30 $2K Gtd
  • 14:00 - $162 Ultra Deep $5K Gtd
  • 14:10 - $3.30 $2K Gtd
  • 16:15 - $11 $3.5K Gtd
  • 19:00 - $11 R+A $1.5K Gtd
  • 21:15 - $2.20 Re-Entry $1K Gtd
  • 23:15 - $33 Re-Entry $2K Gtd

Times are EDT

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Comments (7)

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  • nsavov


    What about the blinds though? Would they move as before? It would be really sick if they depend on the buttons position :D
  • Rihard4a


    The blinds move same as button, so if you are BB 10 hands in a row, it is because the guy 2 seats to your right keeps winning hands.
  • BarryCarter


    Yeah the blinds move same as the button, so as mentioned, if it's later on, the blinds are high and you have an aggressive button, you may have to take a stand with a crap hand to avoid getting blinded out.

    By the same token if you are to the right of an aggressive button you can just relax and not post any blinds while he/she does all the work to get you ITM.
  • Malendes


    Sad i missed it in the WCOOP, so looking forward to this. Always great with new formats - KO's and Booty Builders crushed it lately.
  • mute20


    Seems like you can really have a large edge in these tournaments compared to a lot of other formats
  • Malendes


    #5 I guess that goes everything in life :D Normal straight up NLHE has been around for ages and so the edge between all the regs is close to not existing. Zoom were ALOT more profitable in the starting phase than it is at this point. But a format like PSKO MTTs that attracts alot of casual players and which still is in the beginning phase, I think thats where the biggest edge can be gained.
  • SPeedFANat1c


    what about cash? maybe would create more action also :)