PokerStars shelve Beat The Clock

Less than a year after its launch, Beat The Clock has been put to bed after failing to capture players’ imagination.

beat the clock pokerstars PokerStars timed Beat The Clock tournaments are no longer available after being removed from the poker room’s lineup.

According to PokerStars, the move to stop the clock games is designed to cater for the ever evolving requirements of the modern day online poker player and allow them to concentrate on new formats.

Their statement reads;

“We [PokerStars] will be making some changes to the client which will involve the removal of Beat The Clock. PokerStars has decided to shelve the timed Sit & Go format to make way for new products that we wish to feature more prominently within the client. This decision has also in part been dictated by the need to cater to evolving player tastes, which inevitably change over time.”

The five minute long Sit & Go Zoom games were launched under one year ago in November of 2016 following a successful trial in the Russian market. The tournaments would run for five minutes with all of the remaining players left in the game after that period paid out according to their stack size.

Will you miss this speedy format? Let us know in the comments here:

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Comments (9)

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  • Tim128


    NOOOOOOOO, it was my 52th favorite poker format :(
  • k0kki3


    This means they invented even more ridiculous rake grabber format
  • nsavov


    #1 hahaha
    #2 nice catch, wouldnt surprise me!

    This kind of tilted me. Those were pretty fun even for the pros, but Instead of lowering the rake to make that game actually beatable they removed it...
    What's next? Poker GO, where you go around your city to catch cards so you can battle other "poker players"? Oh wait, that name is already taken... back to the drawing board
  • Zeezout


    Didn't even know they existed :P
  • NatRPheM


    #3 I think you mean Pokermon GO
  • Tim128


    #3 That idea is amazing, you should work it out, lots of money to be made
  • Zeezout


    Wait! I DID play a few of them, even won some money! Why di they do this to meee, yyyyyyyy??????
  • Crazygamer88


    Only poker stars making money.
  • Phgrinder


    you guys are idiots