Watch Lex review his old micro stakes hands from 2004

Watch as Lex Veldhuis reviews the mistakes, the beats and the big hands that helped him start his career in online poker

Lex Veldhuis continues to show why he is the number one streamer in poker, even when he isn't streaming live play. The PokerStars Pro is on a hiatus from playing on stream so he took the time out to show us how he does a hand review.

Specifically showing us some of his old cash game hands from 14 years ago. Watch as he cringes at some of the mistakes that he made as well as identifying what he should have done.

This is absolutely fascinating and a reminder for struggling players that their heroes were just as vulnerable as them with plenty to learn. Lex plans to do more of these videos but until then, enjoy:

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Comments (5)

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  • nutural


    this is so much fun and interesting to watch. Doing something similar when you restart playing is such an eye opener.
  • Arnalsan


    Fun and sad...
    I would like to see a SnG player reviewing too.
  • briccius


    enjoyed this a lot. keep ´em coming
  • xxnub


    Reminds me on my early days when I was playing NL25.
  • Paracelzus


    Good work bro