Using Stats in SnGs - Part 2

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chenny888 shows you how helpful stats can be playing SnGs.


PokerStars Session Review stats Using Stats in SnGs

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  • Lianidaz


    not mush new stuff about stats...
    but thanks anyway)))

    ye, 1st)
  • Eye4AnEye82


  • JoergBS


    I dot kow what it's good for, but "second", lol
  • aciddrop


    Don't like the 67 call at the end.

    Folding leaves the short stack still chronically short, and changes your position little. You will still have a great pushing stack against the other biggies.

    Winning leaves you as third stack anyway, which you likely have locked down.

    Losing compromises you completely, now you fight for survival.

  • Tightisright


    the AJ-Review makes no sense without entering the board in PokerStove
  • ritschy22


    great video imo ;o) - well done !
  • hazzelde


    hi chenny,
    just a few thoughts of mine.
    5:50 AQ is just a pretty bad call by him. fold AK too against tight player
    7:50 I'd jam that 96 against the semi reg, I don't think he ever calls wider than like 30-35%, more likely 25%, which makes it a easy shove
    14:40 I think you're using your stats in the wrong way. "Fold BB to steal" is not a stat you can really use for a sample of 31 hands. However, his vpip/pfr are 33/23 so I think it is reasonable to assume he's pretty active and thus when I do decide to raise small, I'd do it with the intention of inducing a reshove and obv call him off. As played I'd just fold flop, overcard value isn't enough and I don't think he spews too terribly often
    15:00 same thing just shove here, r/f is just so bad
    23:10 J9s is just a fairly standard fold imo. they will call you lighter than they should and BB will call you light anyway. I agree with taking a -0.3 or so, but J9s is more like -.8 to -1.0 so just fold
    26:23 I'd much much rather shove the T9o right now. it's -ev too but this time you don't have much of a choice
    31:40 wtf are you doing? plug it in wiz and see that he has to shove like 88% to call with a little edge, he most likely doesn't, fold ez game ;-)
    37:00 I don't see the point in doing analysis on SNG bubbles without using ICM (apart from the fact you should at least be taking the board into account ;-) ). He's just never going to shove his whole range there.
    39:50 you actually can use a simple calculator, it's called sngwiz ;-). He has to shove AJo+,ATs+,88+ to call with a tiny +0.19 profit. If he's tighter it gets very bad very fast, if he's looser it gets very +ev very fast. I personally think he rarely has QQ-AA and very often has a AK,99 type hand that I'd prolly call him.

    see ya in the forums
  • JustgAMblin


    7:45 96 in SB
    i´d shove this one

    14:00 push AJ preflop. against loose players in the SB and BB pretty easy shove. we dont want to play a flop with AJ. i would only raise QQ+ to max our EV.

    the range u type in doesn´t make sense. ur opponent was capable of calling with Q5 earlier.
    next thing is u haveto type in the board as well and only type the hands in wich he would shove direcly on the flop. ur analysis didnt make any sense, im sry.


    only using a calc doesnt make any sense. we are playing a sng not cashgame.

    I dont think that this vid is good content. Maybe u are not a bad player but u have to improve ur review skills.

    greets JG
  • bradomurder


    thanks very good videos. great timing too as I only just got HEM before I saw this in the news section.

    I agree with the above comment about 67o call

    with the AJo call you didn't put the board cards into pokerstove, the range you gave him gives you 48% equity not 68% as you said, doesn't change the decision anyway.

    I think you divided your stats into 7-9 seated, 4-6 seated and 2-3 seated. that's what i've done too but is there a way to quickly look at opponents stats from the previous grouping?
  • chenny8888


    I've divided into 7-9 seated, 5-6 seated, then 4-handed, 3-handed and heads up are separate. I'm not sure about how to view stats from other numbers seated... please let me know if you can do this!

    As for the AJo hand yeah... realised that later on :(.

    The 76o hand I would have to disagree with. If the two bigstack opponents are any way decent they can make my life hell on the bubble. So I definitely want to try get it in with the shortstack ASAP. 76o is very marginal, but folding too much here means that if katalanon plays anywhere near well, we will too many chips w/o showdown the next couple orbits.
  • chenny8888


    @3 with regards to AJo: oops.. I think with a reasonable handrange OTF it's still a fine call. But the point of the video was reviewing sessions, and that was super fail :(.

    @hazzelde: My push range is something like ATs+ maybe A9s+ and AJo+ from UTG. I don't think folding AK is good vs that.

    I agree with 96o hand in retrospect especially given stack dynamics

    AJo: results oriented IMO. Villain in BB is multitabler and we're on the bubble, not a spot where he's repushing us light so it becomes a good spot to r/f against him (higher EV than pushing pre). As played flop's close.. not sure if this was the case but at the time I just based it on him checking his stronger hands sometime earlier in the SNG and as a result I decided there's more air in his range

    15:00: Lots of regs here play waay too tight + never flat a raise in position. So raise/folding w/ 13.5bb is fine against them (super exploitable but not something they exploit). susuper is clearly not one of those regs

    23:10: I can't see it being -0.8 - -1.0 can you nut out some estimate ranges in SNGWizard?

    26:23: no fold equity, average hand is better next hand

    31:40: yep I agree this is a mistake in retrospect.

    39:50: I'd say he'd be more balanced than that with his ranges. I don't think we should take out combinations of QQ+.

    with regards to Sitngo Wizard: I don't believe most people at this limit (and lower) have this program. Using calculator and pot equity is not the best way of evaluating these decisions but it's just an introduction to thinking more about maths, ranges etc. when it comes to evaluating hands. In some spots it is very close to correct, in some it is very far from correct.
  • sylwusia


    I think u had made a mistake when calculate a hand vs Spatacco (AJo). You just forgot to put board in pokerstove. So if u put his range as:
    then u have 43.193% equity. If u add some second pair hands in his range it could be a bit smaller equity. But still call was imo good option.

  • kiromanAAKK


    This series is a "cult"! Thank you very much coach!!! Excellent :)
  • MojaDunja


    nice video chenny, but i realy dont like calling donk bet ALL IN with AJo in late blinds. IMO
  • Avatars91


    Just in case someone does see this:
    21:02: what is wrong with his JTo call? According to nash it is a call with even a 12BB stack and you should seem to be a good player in his eyes so there is nothing wrong with him perceiving you as someone who is pushing according to nash imo.