Unconventional Lines

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In his first video TheLastNail presents you hands, where he played some unconventional lines.


Unconventional Lines

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  • CBFunk


  • Awesomeness


    The 33-hand is like pure spew against this fish imo. You have like no idea what he's doing this line with and a guy like that will just call you with any ace and even some queens I guess. You are assuming a passive fish will suddenly turn aggro, because you won some hands against him?

    Not a big fan of the turnplay in the J8-hand either. I mean this guy probably doesn't even know what a donk-bet is and you say that you really wouldn't love calling a push on the turn there, but all your line does is inducing one there. I just c/c the turn and c/f most rivers.
  • TwiceT


    holy shit. tln finally did it. i like <3

    love 2nd sentence ... "i hate rl" muhahahahaha

    hand 1: when i saw the hand i expected u to play this hand exactly like u did. haha, after seeing your donk lines, i also implemented them lately wayyyy more. its working like crazy. haha i like

    nice vid sir!
  • TwiceT


    ah i posted in the german comment section .... just c/p it here as well:

    holy shit. tln finally did it. i like <3

    love 2nd sentence ... "i hate rl" muhahahahaha

    hand 1: when i saw the hand i expected u to play this hand exactly like u did. haha, after seeing your donk lines, i also implemented them lately wayyyy more. its working like crazy. haha i like

    nice vid sir!
  • silent21


    my name is "tln" hahahaahahahah, gj sir!
  • silent21


    OOP TP no kicker against a maniac on drawy board - "our goal is to get the stacks in and not to make him fold"

  • BelyiM


    I just have seen the two first hands of the vid so far, but I like your thought-processes and style. However, in the second hand with the 33 I also think, your line is totally spew. I only see fishs check/minraise the turn with nuts, your equity is nearly 0 % because of no backdoor-draws or something. Furthermore, you said you stealt some pots from him, so maybe he thinks you are superaggressiv or something and plays this line with all his Ax, too, and finally calls your AI on the turn.
    But as twicet wrote, the first hand was really nice :)
    Sometimes its hard to understand you, you sound a bit like the russian version of 50 cent...
  • suppenkasper


    are u shoving in the 99 hand to a flop3bet? or just call and shove any save turn
  • Schorscheee


    @2: totally agree
  • IronPumper


    Actually interesting and cool vid - definetly make some more - good idea and "out of box"-thinking - thanks^^

    Some imput:

    Hand 1 (J8s):
    Wow impressive:
    I get all your explantations - that`s impressiv, but not so impressiv like your mindset here.
    I mean,
    you make your plan before depending on Villain`s tendencies and do not forget about your assumptions on ugly boarddevelopments + do not get scared of the fact that in reality only a little part of his overall Raisingrange on flop for instance improves on the turn hard (flush, str8, 2Pair).
    Here I only do not get the point that you would be more scary when the turn would have been an overcard - won`t an overcard also only hit a small part of his whole Donkraisingrange on the flop?
    Also the mindset is interesting:
    I think most palyers would be happy to play this hand for bluffinduce, but to come pretty cheap (not for a whole stack to SD) - you in comparison to that wanna exploit his aggro tendencies brutal and wanna fight for his whole stack.

    That shows me that you pushing almost every small edge in marginal spots, also vs. fishes?

    my question:
    Are you pushing every marginal Edge vs. fishes in a frequency of 100% or is this also depending a little bit on your mood, present confidence and state of mind atm?

    Hand 2 (33):

    you are probably right that of fishes "donk Flo - C/Minr. Turn" is not acommon valueline likefor example C/C Flop - C/Minr. Turn or others.
    Ok, I do not ant to cmment your turnplay, though it looks a little bit spewy.

    But the flopcall is imo fundamentally very bad - reasons:
    - fishes are able to donk (bedides of draws and air) , also TPs, MPs, BPs, 2ndpairs...
    - when he donks here, he will also bet n a decent frequency the turn.
    and b/c of this I have a problem with calling 33 here as a bluffcatcher b/c Villain is either ahead or has always decent PotEq. vs. you.
    Wou will no able o stand much pressure on later streets

    -> Flopcall loks to me lke burning money most of the times.

    Hand 3:
    Like the rivercall as played, b/c in your perceived range is lots of air after not betting the turn -> he could check on rver marginal SD-Value vs. your air (A/K-high) and turn it into a bluff when you bet.

    Hand 5 (33):

    When you expect him to float here with a very high frequency - wouldn`t be the better adjustement for turnplay, to begin with a check?
    And then either C/Call or maybe even C/R vs. slighlty better hand like middle pockets (could he fold this) or PotEq (Overcards for ex.) and just to capitalize the deadmoeny?
    betting seems at least for me given your assumptions not the best adjustement.

    Hand 6 (22):

    Imo he is not flatting here in this spot something liek T9s here, preflop.
  • IronPumper


    edit: cool, when I would be the producer, I would not enjoy to see such an incredible large fucking ugly-looking post.

    But my idea to create for every vid a strategic thread like CR does it or at least to create a comment-area which has more place (like DC has it), is for Ps.Com obv. unfortunatelly a fucking fucking damn bad idea - unfortunatelly!

    Incredible - that drives me crazy and fucks me off.

  • TheLastNail


    hey guys,

    appreciate the feedback,

    1st of all want to apologize for my failing English at times, obv not a native speaker. Also the whole tone could be more lively, but was rly pissed with camtasia at the time.

    to hands: abt hand 2: i am pretty sure shoving on T is +ev there just coz i ve been isor him abt 80% of the time and Fcbet 100% and it just makes no sense whatsoever for him given that he knows this to d and c/minr. He would abs alw c/minr or c/c,c/c and c/r vs my maniacish tendencies.
    The F float might be questionable, agree with that, if he was betting again i would fold on bricks, but given the history i was already suspicious of the donk.

    hand 1: exactly as IronPumper mentioned, i like to push edges to max, with d/c, d! again i actually rep even weaker range again the opponent than by d/c and c/c just coz he is so ridiculously laggy and it makes no sense to him for me to be donking such T. so i wanted to make him float with widest possible range again. Tho, in the vid afair i said i would call a shove- this is wrong. i am d/f there actually coz he would never be trying to bluff me directly on T there on the most scary card esp when seeing a line which makes no sense- he can wait for scary R still.

    99 hand: to a 3bet on F i am shoving over if i think he is committed, otherwise call and shove safer T for thin val.

    5th hand: i must bet T rly to keep my range wider and with most of the options for the R. dont think c/r as bluff has most efficiency. He can shove over many hands for thin value vs draws.

    6th hand: abt villains range: not supersure, but deffo quite wide esp given we are deeper. for him on R a big conflict: 1, my valuerange is super narrow 2, my bluffrange is close to nonexistent. i think he should be folding even AK there actually and just stay with sets.
  • IronPumper


    Hey, thank you for answering - hope to see some other vids of you in the future;)
  • Ash05


    very nice vid sir.

    now i understand even more why u r such a beast. makes me wanna play nlhe again. :)
  • MathhNes


    Hand 2 you say you raise for value but against the hands that call you or reraise you you are not doing so well are you? Even a hand like As2c has 55% equity against you! I like raising for protection or just simply calling, but what kind of hands do you expect to get value from on the flop when you raise?
  • iNspiRe


    Hey there, TLN.

    There is one question for you from russian community.

    One of our user asking: Why playing check/push is better than donk bet turn in the first hand?
  • Shevtshenko


    Woooot. Best vid I've seen in loooong time. Maybe ever. Esp. fell in love with the 33 since there's not too many people (to my knowledge) that have balls/gameplan/thoughtprocess strong enough to do that. Seeing just the hh I'd prolly say it's a spew, yet with those explanations it definately made a ton of sense.

    Also in general, really solid hand selection.
  • Maarteen


    Excellent video, brilliant thinking and a really brave heart!