Stats Play - Part 1

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In Stats Play cram explains Stats in general. In the first part he focuses on preflop stats: raise UTG, limp vs raise, raise CO/BU, raise SB, fold BB.


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  • kammikammerl


    Get a good introduction into stats with crams new video series! Enjoy!
  • DimchaSTR


    вот бы на русском еще:)
  • AceGaylord


    Nice Vid Cram! I'm looking forward to the next episode.
  • turoo


    kommt da ne deutsche version ? no offense sir, but that denglish kinda tilts me :P
  • barrabas35


    quieroo este video en español por fa ja se podra?
  • gadget51


    Firstly; I really really needed this so thank you so much.

    Question; If stats are so impotant for 3betting/4betting situations, if you think you can outplay them )including folding of course) postflop, why not 3bet/ position for me of course! lol.

    Surely this would result in more profit postflop as they are given the opportunity to make more mistakes (which they often take)?
    I am of course taking micro level up to 25NL, at which I make a very nice profit without lots of 3/4betting which seems all the rage these days.
    I am also poor at using stats so would appreciate comments.
  • mishkagg


    What? Do you mean calling the 4bet? Of course you should call the 4bet if you think you can outplay the villain...
  • alenstrat


    Thanks so much. This video is GREAT. It's really way beyond stats play only. It's helped me gain a whole new level of understanding of steals/steal defence I didn't know existed.
  • cram


    It depends on the opponent and of his postflop stats like fold to cbet as well, if it is easy to outplay them postflop. And so you have decide to in every situation what your best preflop play might be.
  • Edukator99


    Sorry, probably a dumb question but I use poker tracker 3 and I don't know how to finds some of the stats you talk about. How do I find action after limp for example? There's call stat preflop but how do I know what they do next?

    Also, how do I know if they've raised from button, co, or sb unopened?

    Great video btw, really opened my eyes to how stats are related.
  • cram


    I don't know much about PT3 because I use HM.
    So you should search the forum and ask your question there. Sorry that I can not help you.