First Steps - Part 5

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In the last part of the series Benido focuses on stats and how to use them. The idea is to identify different player types, adapt to their game and try to win more because of reads, table selection and improved moves. The video finishes with three different hands, that are played vs. different player types in order to show how the same hand can change due to different opponents.


Beginner First Steps series Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • Benido


    Final thoughts? Feedback? Let's gooooooooooooo! :D
  • Oly0909


    Well I thought "Yet another video about stats", but than I saw something I liked and it's when you showed how to identify the kind of player based on his stats. Even further, the examples of playing the same hand against a different kind of players were quite enlightening for me. So tnx again, love your work...
  • Oly0909


    Almost forget.. Benido for president! :-D
  • rhyshowe360


    this guy reminds me of laddergoat guy
  • papkaroly007


    Hi Benido, you helped me a lot. Thank you very much mate. I will look for your videos in the future:).
  • OnkelHotte


    Well done Benny :)
  • Benido


    Thx a lot guys...! Watch out for new vids ;)
  • jaromma


    Thank you very much Benito for this series. It helps me a lot to find my leaks, so I have to start improving my game. Like to see session reviews with your clear comments. But not to many tables, please, it's difficult to follow for beginner.
  • jaromma


    Sorry, BENIDO, of course
  • gadget51


    English excellent
    Conetent very interesting for us beginners
    You sounded enthusiastic even if it was simple stuff for you. Important to us.
    Learned a lot here about lines v types, ty.
    Woud be nice if you could make a live session to show the concepts at work but with not too many tables please?
    A session review after that, as it can get more complex in analysis would be great to.
    Really good stuff.
    Oh yes; and Benido for President!
  • brydon10


    AMAZING series. Thank you so much Benido, I am looking forward to your new videos :)
  • brydon10


    P.S: Benido for president!
  • Benido


    Hey guys!

    Ill try to produce a live FR vid in the next couple of days :)
  • Robibinho


    Is their a new serie comming?
  • fortunewheel


    very solid video , indepth and at same time the simplicity keeps every video cristalclear. congratulations on your hard work benido
  • KnuckleRollG


    benido for president, nice work
  • winmaster76


    Great series! It helped me pick up a few postflop techniques and adapting to different opponents ideas I hadn't picked up from the basic/bronze articles. The main thing I thought might improve your presentations would be that during your videos you tended to just read what was written on the slides in order, it would be more interesting if you elaborated on some of the points, or perhaps said them in a different way to vary from the slide. I thought that the last 2 videos in the series were the best, because they covered on more interesting content. Benido for president.
  • cjmoore


    Benido for President, Great series.
    Learnt a lot from the advanced strategy charts.
    Thank you!
  • MissyC


    Thanks A LOT for your videos, they've been really useful for me, now i'm starting to understand the logic behind the charts, postflop decisions, and all that stuff. And the examples you include are great to get those ideas. Cheers!
  • xylenecyanol


    Thanks a lot Benido.I've watched all videos. Learned a lot about FL.To be honest I have no patience to read much from computer screen :) That is why it was very usefull to me to listen and learn :) Thank you again..
  • Si3gg


    Cool series! The last 2 vids definetelly were golden. Benido for president!
  • cjmoore


    Hugely usefull videos, Thank you so much.
    I would like to see a(or some) videos on mutitabling, or more accurately, how to set up a daily/weekly schedual and what what factors should be taken into account when choosing which tables to sit at. What goals should I set for myself as far as moving up the limits, cashing out thoughts...etc. :)
    Benito for president! :)