kobeyard meets Byron Jacobs - Part 2

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $10/$20
  • Fullring
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kobeyard and Byron Jacobs visited the PokerStrategy.com headquarter in Gibraltar and produced a video series. They played a live session at the 10/20 tables on PokerStars. They talk about the value of initiative and checking behind the flop.


kobeyard meets Byron Jacobs Live Video PokerStars

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  • CBFunk


  • Dawnfall26


    omg omg...Its me:D Im famous now wiiiiii
  • KASL


    А прошлое было доступно для платины на неделю. Почему это было не сделать так же? :(
  • Malone32


  • maechtigerHarry


    ähm...hab nur ich keinen Sound?

    Am I the only one without sound?
  • Dougles


    Nein, ich habe auch keinen
  • Dougles


    @3 No, same problem here, sry for german comment didnt realise it´s in english due to the fact theres no sound :D
  • CBFunk


    Sound should be fine. Just checked again and it works. Also checked from other locations and PC (Germany) and it works too.

    Anyone has still problems hearing no sound?
  • Altamira


    kein Sound
  • Sacrifice51


    Hier auch...
  • CBFunk


    sound works fine. still forwarded it to our IT and they will check if everything is ok. If anyone still has no sound please post here
  • SanWogi


    [x] no sound
  • Xenomystus


    but maybe its only the 4 minute version without sound? because i see no diamond or bm posting that they have no sound?
  • CBFunk



    seems like you are right:

    only the 4 minute version has no sound. We dont know why but our IT is checking it atm
  • CBFunk


    IT fixed it, the 4min preview now got sound too
  • Beesteel


    KASL, как будто понимается о чем там говорят =)))
  • KASL


    ну вообще-то понимается =)
  • jhustincase


    soooo freakinnnn siiickk it stopped at that check raiseee sflgjdfgljdfg we want to see give as a promo for one week all members ! FUUUFUFUFUFUF what did happen there?folded?
  • Kogtistiy


    There's a question for Kobeyard from Russian community:

    "Will there be a video (personally from you) where you'll talk about leveling and adjusting while playing with a strong opponent?"
  • kobeyard


    thx for the question. i will put that on my list @ kogtistiy
  • datsmahname


    I looked up many of the players in this video. Its very interesting to consider the shelf life of a players strategy and how often they seem to adapt.