6max Tournament - Part 1

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $55
  • Shorthanded
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In his new series AaronLambert analyses a $55 6max tournament. He explains his very aggressive approch and focuses on the differences between full ring and 6max tournaments.


6max Tournament PokerStars series Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • polo75


    Joli 3-bet pour info à la première main, et le call avec 55 je pense pas qu'il soit ev+
  • Chreide


    Ich enjoye den aufgetretenen Systemfehler und nehme die Entschuldigung an... ;-)
  • Kartoffan


    The nice moving with Q5
  • i5bet72o


    always nice when someone openshoves and u have aa
  • i5bet72o


    btw, your ss stats r sick
  • AaronLambert


    Haha ya it is nice when people just donate to your chip stack. Thanks! In quite a downswing at the moment but I'm playing well and WCOOP should bring some good results.
  • riverprayer


    28min with AJo - I think 2nd barrel was better to make him fold pocket pairs and 10, than bet on the river.
    31min didn't really like push with A3o - looks pretty weak and limper could call u with 66+, which is pretty bad.
    And, of course, nice balls with Q5
  • CBFunk


    if you have problems watching videos please check out this thread:

  • Serious85


    есть ощущение, что автор вообще не понимает, что он делает.((Посмотрел 35 минут, за это время, кажется, вообще ни одной хорошей раздачи не было сыграно.(((
  • OnkelHotte


    @10: Could you post in english please. Give Aaron a chance to understand what you wrote.
    Furthermore you should give more concrete feedback. Which plays did you not like?
  • HixTo


    Видео из серии - "Laki fish". 2 из 3 розыграшей или полный бред, или грубейшие ошибки. 49 мин.розыграш Q5 - апогей этого действа.
    Коментарии автора стоит перевести на русский, и поместить в раздел - "Мотивация фишами розыграша своих рук и вэльюбетов"
    Жаль. Видео по МТТ SH практически нет на сайте
  • Juliya87


    Хорошая игра :)))) нужно фильм снять - как завозить турнир на лаке. В тоже время для турнира за 55 сильно много неадекватов которые играют непойми что вместо покера. На сете 55 (39 мин)очень неправильный велью 3600, там алл ин на ривере легко, если у чела есть дама или QJ или AA он их всеравно не выбросит, остальное падает и на 3600 чипсов, недобрал 12к 100% недобрал.
  • Sevuninhooo


    по поводу 55, когда в фулл на терне попали, 43я минута
    все руки, которые нам отвечают поставили бы сами, тем более что наша линия выглядит слабо, кароче я бы чек\рейз или чек\пуш играл в зависимости от размера ставки.
  • DmitryCherepanov


    игра нормальная) жду продолжения... не понятны были несколько раздач... видимо я еще чего-то не знаю)
    мув с Q5 понятен.. идет бабл, до ИТМа 2 человека осталось, тут понятно, что все пытаются пересидеть друг друга.. пушим в надежде, что опп приссыт.. вобщем действуем, рвем ему мозг, и радуемся жизни)
  • AaronLambert


    Ya I do think a double barrel is going to be more successful than a bet on the river but I think checking down is probably the best play against this opponent. I don't think he's ever folding to a river bet and probably not to a double barrel.

    With his image up to this point he is limp folding so often that I like the shove. When you find players playing 45-10 this is a profitable play.

    Thanks it was ballsy. One of those times when your heart stops playing poker :D
  • AaronLambert


    Yes I have no problem with some constructive criticism :)
  • AaronLambert


    Thanks Kart it was pretty ballsy I know. I wish I could respond to the rest but I only speak English.
  • RARichie69


    honesly. one of the best mtt vids ever done on ps.de!

    u dont waste time on totaly clear desicions and try to justify this desecions for 10 mins. so u can actually learn smth!

    more of that!
  • 3P3


    tnx for video dude.
  • AaronLambert


    Thanks for the feedback RARichie much appreciated!
  • AaronLambert


    thanks for watching!
  • alwayswinning1111


    really good vid!
  • RARichie69


    hav to add smth


    u play KTo and get on call out of the blinds flop is lik 885 2s and turn ure T. i like it very much in this spot to ckbh coz what are u doin if he cR u? ure probaly folding coz like u said in vid. ure not expecting him to flat call an 8 on thurn espec. w the FD on board.

    so i do ckbh and call many rivers. so he can spew his chips in w A hi oder rand GS draws and FDs,

    sure u giv him a freecard. but if ure foldin to a turn raise i dont like the bet ;)
  • AaronLambert


    Against a normal opponent RAR I agree with you completely. He is flatting with an 8 on the flop if he is a normal player. That being said this guy was pretty odd so it is hard for me to really put him on a hand range here.

    I think betting is fine and if he happens to raise I would probably have to fold but I think more of his range is going to have a flush draw. I say this having no clue on what my opponent is thinking.

    Checking is fine too for pot control. I think I would say you couldn't really go wrong with a play as they should be pretty close.
  • DecMate


    Very nice 1st vid sir :)
    Loving the Q5o hand, totally agree with the thought process, and also last time he didn't even lead the river when he hit his ace, so if he did hit a king he would of checked.
    TO THE 2ND PART! :D >>
  • AaronLambert


    Ty yes the prior play does also help reflect on the situation