Dealing with limpers at the table - Part 2

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $10/$20 - $15/$30
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johnnyrocket1 still focuses on how to exploit limpers at the table.


Dealing with limpers at the table FullTilt PokerStars

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  • CBFunk


  • turoo


    oh system fehler :O
  • Fivetrees


    da it nen fehler im systm
  • barbeysize


    oh limpers are always tough guys so it's hardest part of poker to play against them =D especialy for mid stakes regulars haha
  • Lecrua


    Jobby Rocket rules)
  • Lecrua


  • johnnyrocket1


    sorry barbey, alot of people don't exploit them well and leave a ton on the table, it's a good thing to talk about
  • XeroHTLP


    thank you, I enjoyed this video very much
    your notes are crazy
  • damianpat


    Hello, I like your movies, I'd like to see you playing 2/4 and 3/6 on pokerstars on at least 4 tables, to see your decisions and mindset.

    I work with your movies and I think I found a tiny mistake

    in 28;28 you have 66 on board 4726T and opponent raise you, and you tell that you will 3-bet because 8T is not a big part of his range

    there are two possibilities, you don't know you have a set (very unpropable) or you meant that it isnt propable that he has 89, which is much more likely to me

  • johnnyrocket1


    xero, I do take tons of notes, haha

    Damian,yes you are correct, I meant the straight isn't a huge part because I'd expect him to raise the turn a good portion of the time.