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In his introductory video to the English community, Swedish video producer Fongie plays NL $50 on fulltilt, and explains his micro stakes philosophy.


FullTilt Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


  • Peachee


  • NaNervah


    очередной трэш... последнее время хорошо если выйдет 1 более-менее видео на 10
  • Lothain


    Great movie, it help's me in making some hard decissions. I hope to see next video soon!
  • Guru79


    excellent video
  • Shatterproofed


    Nice Video, especially the fast forward and discussing special hands is very nice. Likey your Video Style, pls mores stutff :).
  • t0xie


    THX for posting this stuff rly. I usually dont reply in comment section but I enjoyed ur 3bet point of view so much that I had to send a comment :) keep uploading videos pls you rock
  • bibersuperstar


    Very nice video! I like the way you re discussing hands :)
    Hope to see more vids of this high quality!
  • sonY23


    would definately love to see more of you, good spots and awesome explaining, keep it up!
  • sonY23


    always thought it was spelled that way, but thats definitely not true..
  • Piodrice


    good job, very good video with detailed hand explanations...this is more than solid poker ;)
  • RMB


    Great Video, Really good explanations and like the stuff on equilator. Guess Ive been using it way too little :p
  • Carty


    at NL50 your strategy is working but if you get higher you get crushed...
  • hackleberry


    perfect video!
    I like your hud. How can I get it?
  • Fongie


    Thanks for all the kind words!
    @#13 I have not played NL100SH on FTP since february, until yesterday, but my volume has been played elsewhere. If you wish to know more, I talk very openly about my results in my video blog number 5, which you can find in the blog forum ( I assure you that has received all my poker results before accepting me as a video producer. I'm happy you like my NL50 strategy though!
  • Fongie


    ^link failed miserably,
    @14 I made it myself, but I guess I can export it somehow. I'll find out and post it in my blog, go fetch it there!
  • Amokeeva


    Talking about 3bet in the begining of the video you forgot to say about whom you'ru going to 3bet. If that's a regular player than he will adjust and begin 4betting you light and you will have to push that KJs from time to time. If the opponent is a calling station then you will have to doublebarrel often to knock his ace high or a pocket pair. People who beat NL50 often say that there is no point to create difficulities with such moves OOP at this limit.
  • hasufly


    i didnt watch the video but i like the way u seem to react to critics. most players are very sensitive about their results. keep it up
  • i5bet72o


    finally videos in the english community by fongie, :)
  • hasenbraten


    fongie or what :D
    didnt know you were doing videos, looks fine though - watching second half tomorrow!
  • LgWz


    Nice video, moaaaaar.
  • Adstriker87


    good work. interesting spots and good to get to know your thoughts. would have played quite a few spots different though. but i think ftp also plays different than some other sites.
  • nileju


    i think i have to become silver, to watch some of your videos fongie
  • toatreffnix


    I like the video, I just wished you included the flush combinations for the fish in the T8s hand. Reason: I think there are way more Axs flushes in his range than low ones and I would have liked to see which exact flush combinations you would give him. Not that it would change much.
  • MosnOne


    i really enjoyed the video. im looking forward for your next vids. i espacially enjoyed the part about 3betting in the blinds and the aqhh hand at the end.
  • Fongie


    You are certainly correct that there is a possible counterstrategy. Maybe I should've been more clear with the fact that you have to be able to adapt all your strategies depending on the opponent. However, it is quite hard to discover someones 3betting range, because you don't get to see a showdown that often, so the risk of someone figuring out my strategy quickly is rather slim. If, however, I am certain to be playing against a 4b or fold guy, it is not a hard adjustment to ship AQ and 3bet/ship more pockets. I hope (no promise or anything) to maybe get a chance to explain all the different options fully in another video at a later time.
  • Fongie


    I agree, I should've put them in there for the sake of being thorough. I also agree that there is a greater chance of him having a better than a worse flush, so that would make my situation a little worse. Fortunately, it doesn't change the result of our calculation this time, but I will make sure to include everything next time around!
  • Alosker


    Nice vidz. Expecting next one.
    Btw ur laugh is so funny man.
  • Tim64


    Really excellent video, Fongie. The stuff at the end about 4b calling AQ and where it is we make $ is priceless. Thanks!
  • noclaninator


    If he is 3betting 25% then I think you have a pretty good 4bet/call on the AQ hand. A problem is that he might be able to stop n go you and another problem is that you don't get to play your position though. I definitely have to say that 4bet/call is NOT overplayed though. You could even turn your hand face up and make this play for a +ev against a 25% 3bet range.
  • Kongotto


    I dont understand the AQ flop raise after calling a 3bet in position.
    U argu with "protection", but is this really enough? I learnt that u never should raise only for protection.
  • Fongie


    Yes, the concept of protection is hard to take in sometimes, and also very debated. I still think that teaching beginners that you either bet(raise) for value, or as a bluff, is the best way to start.
    However, there are a few situations where, when you argue about wheither raising/betting or checking/calling is best, you come to the conclusion that betting is the best - but you can't call it a valuebet or a bluff!
    Usually this has to do with having a problem with later streets unless you bet or raise. A good example of this is when you have a small pocket pair as the preflop raiser, f.e 55 on A72r. Here, you can argue that you often have the best hand, and cannot get value from worse by betting, therefor you should check. However, on later streets you cannot really call against bets (one, or two), so you end up losing the pot everytime. You end up betting because of this, but cannot call it a valuebet because no worse hand will call you either. The reason ends up being "protection".
    I hope you understand my point, but as with all poker teachings, if you think another logic is better for your own poker game, listen to the logic you think is correct.
  • oloslawa


    I like it great movie
  • Zockerbasty


    nice one viedeo,thx : ),what program he uses to see stats on the table, standing next to the player? an answer would be very nice
  • SighCoSocial


    nice vid
    i like your philosophy especially on 3betting
  • vladul11


    nice vid. Thanks man!
  • DecMate


    Nice video, like the concept or 3betting a more wide range including decent mediocre hands (JKs ect)
    Look forward to more!
  • matiapag


    hey man, I really like your way of talking :D you laugh in the proper situations ("... until THIS happens haha) really good, really fun and a lot of stuff to improve my game ;) one of the best videos ever, looking forward to next ones!
  • matiapag


    @34 He's using Holdem Manager ;)
  • perseenreika


    very nice video. thanx!
  • erptech


    in the T8 hand decisionmaking, you could also consider his betsizing - i would more hapily call a potsize shove or overshove than anything between 1/2 and 3/4 as the first often indicates bluff/weakness
  • apop72


    nice video,and you are a funny guy ;)
  • Adstriker87


    no more vids coming?
  • Joakim


    Good job Fongie. Your Swedish Community is proud of you.
  • MrStrange


    Very good video, gave me a new insight on some stuff in my game, if u know what I mean, u also seem to be a really cool guy which kept me amused 'till the end. Hope to see more vids from you!
  • TheRebuz


    I just watch your video and i have i have couple of questions/comments about that AQ hand (45min) when u call 3bet inp and u raise on 253r flop,

    1) What is your range for calling 3 bet pf (are ever just calling AA,KK, tt-qq there or u r always 4 beting them)??
    What is your range for 4beting preflop in that spot?and what is ur range for 4beting caling a shove?

    2) What is your range for raising on flop there? Do u ever have sets there, and r u raising floped sets in that spot?
    Do u ever have floped str8/2pair there ??

    -i dont think that u ever have A4,64,and if u ever have those hands I dont think that u r raising on flop with them,
    i dont think that u ever have 23,53,52 in your range
    also i dont think that u have PP=22,33,44,55 very often on flop and u r raising them on flop if u do have(maybe u raise just 44)
    also if u r ever slow playing AA-KK preflop i cant see u that u raise on that flop very often too
    -> so ur range with your line imo will go to 66-JJ,A2s,A3s,A4s,A5s,65s and random air/blufs and u do have a lot of air in ur range (and btw tbh i dont think that u raise 66-JJ very often on flop too, and that u have caled preflop with A2s,A3s,A4s,A5s,65s and raise them on flop too, which also leads that ur range is more air then made hands)

    so with all that said, and if mine assumption of your range r fine,
    #i cant see any hand u call 3bet preflop with,
    #that u r raising on that flop
    #and is strong enough to call a 3betAI from SB
    -> so imo when u raise on that flop u r not representing anything and i will 3betAI with all mine range and that i think is very +EV
  • Fongie


    1) I will probably flat AA-KK fairly often vs aggro 3bettors (because they are almost invincible and he will fold too much to 4bets). I will be 4b/folding some of my Ax (blocker) hands here, but I can't really give you a solid range because it's pretty much an unknown, and this will change in time if we play a lot of hands together (if this was the first time and I had A2o, I'd probably 4bet, but not if it happened 4 rounds in a row and I had 4bet everytime so far).
    I'd 4b/call QQ, JJ, and probably just flat with TT - just because this player is active doesn't mean he gets it in loosely.

    2) I think slowplaying all my good hands is best here, giving up some protection (a 4 is superbad) for value from bluffs. I have too much fold equity with a raise to raise my good hands (because his range is full of air)

    In short, you're certainly right that shipping over my raise here 100% will be great. However, you have to understand that this does not make my raise bad. Most people aren't good enough to go through your thought process, and then there are a lot who, even if they do, don't have the balls to pull it off.

    So with that said, I wouldn't do this against everyone - a reg whose game I respect on nl200 for example. Against most aggro microregs however, it'll work very well.

    It's good of you to bring it up though, because it's important to be aware of the shortcomings of the move - and be sure to apply it to the right opponents :)
  • Fongie


    oh and.. thanks so much for the support everyone who commented so far!
  • monty90


    in the T8 hand in can we not give the villian more river bluffs like AdTx and the fact villian shoved i would maybe exlude nut type hands as he would maybe expect to get more value from check raising us just wondered your thoughts on this? also maybe something like QdJx is possible aswell maybe?

    I really liked your thought process on this hand this video has helped me i think :)
  • mko101


    awesome video! waiting for more in english because unfortunately i don't know a word in swedish :)
    hope you make some soon!
  • themagpiespg


    I Like your 3bet strategy on in the bb , as I also use the 3bet in bb to defend my bb it does work. Great video will be looking for more of your vids.
  • JohnyC1337


    Ehm in the end when you say that you dont earn money by 4bet/calling AQ but by 4betting and villain folds so why you dont play 4bet/fold? I dont know how common is light 5bet shoving on nl50 but on nl25 partypoker I have seen it only once in 30k hands. So even if we have good odds isnt it better to just 4bet/fold? And if its not so then we can 4bet/call all Axs and against QQ+,AK we have nearly the same equity.
  • Fongie


    Hello! It's been a while since I recorded this :P It's simply an EV calculation once you 4bet wheither or not to call. What matters is of course the opponents range. If his shoving range indeed is only QQ+, AK then we don't call. In this instance I'm pretty sure this guy had been playing fairly loose overall during the session, which lead me to believe he would shove light enough for me to call. Just put in JJ and TT there and I'm way good to go.

    Because it's a question of range assessment it's up to you to decide for yourself what is best. My experience and assupmtions tell me that his range is loose enough, but there's no way for me to prove that (this is the problem with all poker coaching :P).
    That's why it's always important for coaches to mention *why* they do things (to explain first the mathematical reason behind it, and then what assumptions they make) so that the students can apply and think for themselves what makes sense in their games. =)

    Hope you're satisfied with that, it's all I can say about it really :P