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In his 101 video to razz RainmanTrail gives you basic concepts on beginners strategy and shows some example hands on how to apply them.


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  • FishermansFriend



    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Scherben


    first one ;)
  • taschendamenfalter


    another brilliant vid - thx.
    some questions:

    - as you analyzed, we should play tighter at stars. any rough recommendations for the hand-strength-part of our decision-process based on the point-system (e.g. play hands 1p/2p higher)?

    - will you also cover tourney-play?
  • Jan217


    what software can you use to record your razz hands btw, there isnt a 'razz-em manager' is there? Also, really nice video!, I think razz will be my first game outside of nlh.
  • KidPokersKid


    Your always referencing the Stud Hi video, I only play razz/stud8 so I never saw the video you keep referencing which was a minor inconvenience BUT other than that I liked what I saw. Will there be some HU videos coming?
  • richum


    @4 you can use Poker Tracker Stud vor Razz.
  • jbpatzer


    Nice. Thanks very much. You've obviously been severely affected by that fish at the WSOP though. I think you need to try not to talk about him any more!

    Looking forward to the triple stud video v much.
  • Chorez


    lol coach is razz fish imo


    thank you very much for this introductory video. awesome stuff !

    im waiting for others introductory videos on omaha8limit to complete my midunderstanding of HORSE play ( i have some experience in letters H, S and E but almost none in letters R and O) lol

    little observation you made an introductory video on first 3 streets of razz, but razz have another 4 streets - i sense the same inclination in some vid to make opening ranges far more important in comparison with the rest of the game when talking to newbs.

    then what happens is that the newb takes good opening ranges to the tables and is trashed in real play because he is frequently clueless about how to end the hand.
    This is happening with new players across all poker not only razz. sorry about this rant , but i couldnt help myself.

    once again , nice video, thanks
  • alenstrat


    Yes the rainman is back!! Thank you very much. Looking forward to the next videos a lot! Really great Razz video, gives real clear guidelines on how to play.
  • MichaelGotAA


    If its a basic video, why is it not available for bronze users to view? Yet another video I can't watch. I wouldn't mind if it was an intermediate video, but it claims to be a basic beginners video.
  • msliw


    I do not get it too, why it's from silver? If something is for beginners it should be available from bronze, shouldn't it admins?
  • freechains03


    @1 ty FF! ;)
  • Xantos


    (a) our beginners all start with No-Limit, Fixed Limit or SNGs (plus some freerolls).

    (b) currently it's super-easy to become Silver, as you get 10 Extra SP per day you're active. So the only way to avoid being Silver actually is playing 100% untracked, which is a choice of yojavascript:commentFactory.createComment();urs ;)
  • chipman


    really great videos, but
    getting the prelude for every variation without going to the highpoint is not very satisfying.
    Please reconsider your schedule and cover one variation from 3rd to 7th street, perhaps even tournaments, before starting the next game.
  • RainmanTrail


    It's more important to avoid the rough hands at Stars. You want to avoid playing hands like 863 & 765 multiway in low ante games. 2 points better at Stars is probably an OK starting point.
  • RainmanTrail


    As stated by richum, you can use PokerTracker Stud. I would highly encourage it if you plan to pursue any of the stud games.
  • RainmanTrail


    Yes, I will be producing some HU videos as well. Though they won't be next on the docket. Also, I would encourage you to watch at least the first 15 minutes of the Stud video as its quite relevant to Razz.
  • RainmanTrail


    I will soon be covering a Triple Stud MTT where I play all 3 variations of Stud from 3rd to 7th Street.
  • RainmanTrail


    Thanks again for all the kind words everyone. More coming...

  • DonCyrano


    Your videos are fantastic!
    Never the less I also support that idea, before to go omaha h/l go into the games more deeply one by one. Because like this, we know the basic of this game, but still we can not really start to play them, because in these game even I have a perfect starting hand strategy I can still make a lot of mistake. So this way the intro video without the later streets play kind of "useless"
  • SHM1Th


  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, Rainman :)
    There's a comment for you from Russian community. Our users would like to see a video about using tracking software like Poker Tracker Stud during play - stats, HUD structure, color ranges (if any), interpretation, etc. Of course, this involves some advanced concepts and we'll have to wait before you release other "101" videos. But they still ask you about it in the future - just to be sure :)
  • RainmanTrail


    I have been asked to cover Omaha H/L prior to stepping up the stud videos. Perhaps I can get both videos out around the same time to make up for it. I'll look into it.
  • RainmanTrail


    Unless there is an update to PT Stud that I'm unaware of, it currently does not support a HUD. The only HUD solutions I'm aware of are private programs written by individual players to track and relay data on the table. They are fairly buggy though and quite limited at best.
  • RainmanTrail


    I can however, do a video on PT Stud's capabilities.
  • DustyMonk


    The video is all garbled to me though the audio is fine. Other videos are fine. I've tried clearing cache and using a diffrent browser.
  • DustyMonk


    After trying to watch this for a couple of days it is now finally viewable. So please ignore my previous comment.
  • Barbarendave


    Min 52:00 you say Beatrice should easy fold her T8 to the bet. If she got two wheels in the hole and she puts the one with A8 on a good, but not perfect hand, she got about 38-40% there, getting potodds of 5:1. And if she hits a lowcard and the other one bricks, she turns into a favorite to win the hand. Thats why I think it could be worth seeing 5th street in her spot, or am I getting s.th. completely wrong?
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, Rainman :) Some more feedback:

    1) Which hands we can basically overlimp with, when there are some limpers in the hand already? How many points do we need?

    2) Can we defend with hands like K24 (K is a door) when we know that our opponent is definitely stealing with any-three in late position? Which hands are basically suitable for protection in such situations?
  • MetalistULTRAS


    Great Vit!
    Thanx a lot for your efforts, very useful Vid for me as a beginner.
    Greets from Ukraine ;)
  • RainmanTrail


    @ 30: I will often attempt to trap a weak opponent like Beatrice in this spot for multiple bets. If the 6 hadn't paired me, I can easily trap Beatrice in for 2, or 4 bets if he/she calls. It's a great play to make and also adds deception to your hand when it doesn't work out. The real key to why Beatrice's hand is bad isn't the fact that he picked up a T, it's that his second card is an 8. That really limits his backdoor potential. If I have 4 cards below a 7, he's in deep trouble. If I don't, he's still in last place in a 3 way pot. You never want to chase in last place in a multiway razz hand.
  • RainmanTrail


    1) Which hands we can basically overlimp with, when there are some limpers in the hand already? How many points do we need?

    -This is a part of my game that I like to mix up quite a bit. The answer is that in razz, you rarely have a large enough advantage on 3rd street for it to be too costly to NOT reraise your good hands. You can often trap your opponents for larger bets on later streets by under representing your hand strength. It can often outweigh the edge you forgo by not reraising on 3rd. However, if I see players with an 8 in the door, I'm much more likely to squeeze them by reraising my hand on 3rd. So I would say that in short, it's more a matter of what my opponents are showing which is going to determine if I reraise for value or if I just call for deception. That being said, you can safely reraise a 16 point hand and show a profit. However, you might be giving your hand strength away at the same time.

    2) Can we defend with hands like K24 (K is a door) when we know that our opponent is definitely stealing with any-three in late position? Which hands are basically suitable for protection in such situations?

    If we are playing in a low ante game, it's usually a mistake to defend the bring in with anything below a T. However, if the game is high ante and 8 handed, we can correctly defend any brick (J,Q,K or pair) from the bring in if our hole cards are good (ie - two wheel cards). However, it MUST be against someone in auto steal position. We would never want to defend a brick agaisnt an early or mid position opener. When doing so, assume the villain has T8 or J4 down, this will help you play the hand correctly as it progresses.


    Habrá alguna traducción al español de este video? algo entendí, jeje
  • Borisian


    For those people after a HUD/Tracker for razz there is FPDB


    Its free and open source but it is in its early stages of development and can be difficult to set up.

    Also if you have $80 ish to spare there is also Stud Indicator which provides starting hand points, odds and a basic HUD.