Moving Up - Part 2

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In the second part of his miniseries, chenny888 focuses on late stage play in the 9 man sngs.


Moving up PokerStars Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the second part of "Moving Up" series by chenny8888!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • LgWz


    Nice vid Chenny. Just a small nitpicking, on the last hand 75s is a pretty easy shove if you stick to Nash. It's sooooted :)
  • santostr



    Easy shove for me too.
  • Proky11


    Just little idea for future: add new part of video a little bit quicker :)

    Moving up - Part 1: release date 7 Jun 2010

    Moving up - Part 2: releasse date 26 Sept 2010

    otherwise great video +1
  • Kimux


    24:50 you have AQ on BB , and supernova regular push you like the middle of your stack , with what range you accept push AK+ TT?
  • alenstrat


    Thanks, as always excellent explanations and advice.
  • icansuckuout


    lol to AQ fold after your history
  • Spockomatic


    Sorry , the HUD is so annoying, I quit watching afer 2 minutes...
  • enisbox


    Strong mindset...
    I like you taking the advantage on the bubble by reshoving against the regular jigga_wigga.

    #5 same

    Nice vid! Keep them coming!
  • Archm4ge


    at 8 minutes I dont quite understand why you dont openpush every hand in the top right tournament.
    you are the chipleader and others can hardly call you on the bubble.
    so why playing tight?
  • vladd20


    good video, but you re kinda off with nash pushing ranges , 75s is an easy push with 10 bb's
  • Puscherbilbo


    min 03:00 AQo. If SB is not capable to exploit your play it may be best just too raise AQo there. You don´t want to get called by the SB. So if he is not exploiting I suggest minraising there. If he is, one might still make a case for raising big. He should see, that there is no FE in this spot. So if he is reshoving he will be havinng a big hand.
  • chenny8888


    @12: pretty cool line. I think making it all your stack less ~300 is best.

    @10: risk/reward isn't great. pushing 3k effective to win the pot of 400 isn't that appealing. But I do like raising a wide range of hands.
  • chenny8888


    @11: oops :P. at least I pushed though
  • kurrkabin


    25 mins,in supernova Jigga_wigga's eyes you were harassing the bubble way 2 often and in my view he was annoyed that u played back at him that much ,so he didn't want to get re-raised all in again.He pushed for better fold equity.I think calling with AQo there was fine.Even against pushing range of about 20-30%,AQo is doing good enough.And him pushing a premium hand is so much unlikely b/c of the history u have.He would rather make a 2,5BB open raise,cuz he knows you'll be shoving quite wild there.I would call in that spot,but folding doesn't seem bad either.Don't get me wrong-it's still a great video,I just think we can make an argument for this move.
  • mariannapoker


    nice one
  • Buhas


    #15 +1