firsttsunami floods - Part 2

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firsttsunami continues his fixed limit shorthanded video series. In the second part he plays a live session on $1/$2 at roomPoker.


Firsttsunami floods Live Video series

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new FL SH video by firsttsunami!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • jamaal1888


    why the player is so slow lately?
  • PokerNoob91


    wir wirtschaftsleut seins kreuzbrave leut. denn wir tragen ja kein leder aber saufen tuts ein jeder uns saufens aus
  • inJules


    gj bö !
  • emophiliac


    how he floods
  • datsmahname


    Its rly dis-concerning to me that this video is produced by what we might call an inconsistent winning player (ptr). Am i missing something here?
  • firsttsunami


    you should still study the rules of variance. you can run BE over 100 hands and being a winning player though. i have been a constant winning player over the last years and spots that have been misplayed should encourage you to talk about these spots where you reflect your own knowledge and help me to discover some leaks. you can't allege, just based on a small samplesize, that i'm not a winning player.

    even the biggest winning player can have a period where he plays BE for around 100k hands.
  • datsmahname


    I'm sorry, I don't mean to draw on a weak supply of information & make some grand conclusions. I guess I would only hope that those who produce videos on this site will turn out to be proven winners with a consistent record at or just above the stakes they are playing in the video.

    Without going into detail, I fully understand that its possible for a solid winning player to break even over large samples. The statistical variance in LHE is large... but the probability of a very solid winning player breaking even over a 50k hand sample is not that high. Its much more likely for such a player to enjoy positive results.

    Its perfectly possible, as you say (and i agree) that 'bad luck' can be largely attributed to your results over such a sample... but what we can also say is that its not terribly likely to be the case.

    I'm sorry that I end up posting generalizations here.. but i'm willing to accept that i can still be wrong & this is really why.
  • sixhigh


    ca. 23:50 links oben: ich glaub nicht, dass du gegen seine capping range mit A9 auf dem AQJT board einen calldown hast.
  • pishpoor


    Play 1-2 less tables please(certainly no speed tables)when you make a video that's not in your mother tongue.
    Alternatively, stop the video to talk us through a difficult spot.
    This is just too chaotic, and I think you have interesting things to say.
    It can't be good for a learning player to see you time out 3-4 times.
  • fuerstIN


    Hey :)

    I got some questions for you Firsttsunami :)

    -Min 0:52
    Bottom Left:
    Don't you think you have enought to peel on the Flop with your Oesd getting 7:1 or in worst case 5:1 on the Flop?

    -Min 01:40:
    What do you think about a bet on the Flop?Sure Your oppenentswill fold Hands like T8 butthe guy behind you might call with a K or Q and might aswell not bluff with his weaker Hands.

    -MIn 03:08
    Upper Right:
    What is your Plan for various Turns?Like A,K, 9 , 8, 7 or a Blank?

    - 04:00 Bottom Left:
    What is the worst hand you Open here?

    -Min 05:10 Upper Right:
    Do you consider rainsing the Flop to push out the other behind you, or do you think your not ahead often enough?

    -UR: Min 07:00
    What is the cutoff for you to raise a pair here on the Turn or River?
    What do you do with a counterfitted Pair?Do you think its worth to try a bluffraise?
    What do you think about a bet against a King on the River?
    -What do you think of c/r with 77 if you were your Oppenent?!Do you consider it against non-thinking regs?

    -Min 8:49 Upper Left:
    Is this a standard call on the River?
    Because a Reg would check Behind JJ and TT imo?
    -What do you think of Villains Play?
    -Whats your Plan if you have a Hand like 66?

    - Min 10:06 Bottom Left:
    Do youalways instafold A6o in the BB vs BU on that Board?

    -Min 11:03 Upper Left:
    I prefer to c/f the Flop against this Guy

    -Min 12:51 Upper Right:
    Did you intend to /c the Flop?
    What would you do against a 3bet in case you c/r the Turn? Do you consider to call the 3betand c/f the River?Or is it just a straight up Calldown?

    - MIn 13:04 Bottom Left:
    -What do you think about a c/r on that Flop becaus he was weak before when he had 77?

    -Min 14:30 : Bottom Right:
    -What do you think of c/c c/r? Hewill probs Cbet  high on the Turn and you can have alot of draws.
    What would you have done to a raise on the River?Would you fold?

    -Min 16:00 Bottom Right:
    What's the default line here in a 3bet Pot?I struggle with that alothitting sth like TPGK in a 3bet Pot and not know if I should raise the Turn or Flop because I can see alot of Merits for either action!

    -Min 18:10 Bottom Left:
    How would you play a hand like T4, J5, Qx; Kx; 8x ?

    -Min 19:10 Upper Left:
    -Would you c/r with 77 or 88 on that FLopand b/f the Turn against the passiv guy?

    -Min 21:35 Upper right:
    Is A2s a standard open from Mp3?
    I would definitely fold it with these 2 guys behind you!

    -Min 23:30 Bottom Right:
    if you check behind do you intend to raise an Ace?Other than that you call everything expect a spade,which you are raising, I guess.

    -Min 23:50 Upper Left:
    Do you really think that this is a Calldown versus that tight Guy?
    I think you canfind a tought fold on the River against him!

    -Min 24:40 Bottom Left:
    I think its better to raise the Flop vs that guy because he's nearly All-in and therefore is willing to ship the money in with nearly everything.If you Call I think its best to ship it in on the Turn because he might check behind on the River with sth that missed totally.

    -Min 26:25 Bottom Left:
    What's the merit in calling preflop and c/c the Flop?
    Do you think ther's any merit in donking the Turn to make him fold a 6-Outer ( maybe he folds 87o ).
    What hands do you think its better with to just call Preflop and c/c?Maybe A high or Pairs > 88 because its most of the Time way bigger Favourite on the Flop against random cards than preflop?

    -Min 27:00 Upper Right:Isn't K7o a defend vs a CO -OR?

    -Min 28: Upper Right:
    I prefer to c/c the River to try to induce here. There are many misseddraws and his AF is pretty high.

    -Min 32:15 Upper Right:
    What's the Plan for the River?Do you barrel all Hearts and Aces and bet if the Flushdraw misses and otherwise give up?

    - Min 33 Upper Right:
    What do you think about only calling the Flop and waiting to c/r the Turn?It's risky but the guy behindus can read us at Ax and raise with sth like 99 or TT+? What about if we had AA? Thatwould make a pair more likely and we don't have ( or can't) Protect with a Flopraise...
    -Would you have raised aBlank Turn?

    -Min 33:40 Bottom Left:
    Do you always call KTo in the BB?
    I think you have to call that Turn,you have way too many Outs and hemight be bluffing!

    -Min 34:13 Bottom Right:
    I'm not sure about the Flopplay I can't really see him folding much that beats us...
    as palyed you would have called the River?

    -Min 35:35
    Upper Right:
    A2o ist a raise imo...

    Otherwise it would be better to play less tables and no speed tables as you already realised :P
  • firsttsunami


    its close getting 1:7, it could have been a little mistake but the only good out is the 4. when somebody has a T like JT T9 TT i'm not really pleased about a 9 and when i hit my set, i won't get much when i improve to the set as a straight is possible and my opponents will slow down the action but if i hit the set and i'm facing a raise i have to pay 2bb. i think this hand suffers from reverse implied odds and you don't really have more than 6 discounted outs imo. maybe 7 if you count 6 for the straight and 1 for your set but then it might become a BE play due to your reverse implied odds. certainly a close spot

    1:40 that's possible but the board is relatively dry and the only hands i have to protect against are gutshot
    hands that the most of them would have been raised preflop i think and my kicker was just 8. but bet is a viable option though. i have it balanced. sometimes i check, sometimes i bet#

    if you mean the QJ hand i think i would have played c/c on a 9 but bet when i improve to the oesd and play b/f on the ace as i don't think that the limper has limped an ace from the button that often, especially when you look at his stats

    5:10 i didn't raise because he donked out 4handed which means a lot more strenght because on that board you will almost never win a draw unimproved what is more likely the case in a 3handed situation and he could be isolated by a better hand and my kicker was just the 8 and thus i concluded to be behind against a better T or rather a Q most of the times

    as i do also delay many strong hands to the river according to my gameplan and my opponent could fire again with. nothing, i like a bluffraise with 22 33 44 on the river. i could still represent the Q. bet with AJ makes no sense since k high does c/c that board. his range on the river is very often a c/f with trash or a PP like he had but just rarely a hand like KJ.

    i would have c/r the flop as well with 77 but on the river it's a bet against a high.

    8:49 as my perceived range is more a draw like AT AJ JTs and rarely Qx i think he should have played cb on the river with TT 99 but i must have had a particular read on this guy. it's not a standard call. when i play against a straightforward solid tag's and he caps preflop and barrels through you can make a tough fold on the river but as i underrepresented my hand and some may think i'm gonna call with any weak PP or AJ i would basically call.


    Board: Qs 8h 5c

    equity win tie pots won pots tied
    Hand 0: 62.994% 58.88% 04.12% 5760792 403529.50 { 22+, A2s+, K2s+, Q6s+, J7s+, T6s+, 96s+, 86s+, 76s, 65s, A2o+, K8o+, Q8o+, J8o+, T9o }
    Hand 1: 37.006% 32.89% 04.12% 3217798 403532.00 { As6c }

    it's a break even play against this range as you need 37% to justify a flop cc.
  • firsttsunami


    yeah i think c/f is better on that board that is probably hitting his limping range very well on T8x

    was a little loose call you're right but not tremendously bad. it's better it do it either when you have any bd outs or you know that he's giving to freecards too often by checking behind the turn but with just QT it's certainly better to c/f the flop.

    as far as i remember this guy was somehow crazy that i probably would have called him down but when he's solid you do only have 5 outs against JJ on the paired board and discounted you don't have more than 3 outs that it's better to play c/f fold. but you have to be careful with that as some players to day also 3bet IP for free showdown with pairs but on that dry board i considered it to be unlikely as i do either have the T or nothing.

    my equity is relatively low on J87 and a lot of cards destroy my rest chance of winning and when a Q, and A or a straight cards hit i think i can find a fold as a T or a 9 does improve my range too often that he won't second barrel with a high frequency that is enough to c/c once more.

    i don't know whether he bets AJ or AQ again and with K5 i don't feel very confident about checkraising the turn with almost the lowest kicker. cc c/r is more perceived as being a madehand since the only good draw is QJ that might be checkraising. with the flop cr i can represent gutshot that i couldn't if checkraising the turn and i'm sure that he doesn't get a freecard with a high and can't make a tough fold and i don'T risk to get 3bet.

    c/r flop with k5 in that spot is pretty standard i guess.

    on a pure blank i'd played b/c River as he should raise his strong madehands on the turn but depends on whether you think that he's capable of bluffraising at all and if he is not, you can also play bet/fold

    it really depends on your opponent and on the board. against his whole range you are ahead with KT on QTx but which question are certainly important to solve this problem:

    - does he bet his ax hands on the turn again`? and does he play bet/calldown on blanks or does he play b/f and how does he play on the river. he's probably going to call 1bet on a blank. if he doesn't bet the a high hands at all and neither he plays b/c with A2s you should probably just call down and not raise the turn as you don't have 66% Equity but with Toppair i'd basically always play call flop raise Turn. it's a comprehensive topic. if you struggle with that topic go ahead and post some particular hands. :)

    i do bet each pair on that board but with Kx and 86 with just the idiot oesd i would probably c/f the flop

    19:10 cr flop with 77 88 is my standardline in that situation yes. i think when the aggressor 3bets the flop i peel once more due to the bd straight and fold the turn ui and if somebody raises the turn, especially 3handed i would probably fold as well, yes.
  • firsttsunami


    A2s is definitely a mistake, sry. i do raise A5s+

    i think he would almost always cr his trips as well as a flushdraw and then a raise becomes viable against K9 KT KQ but when his range is balanced and contains some flushdraws and trips as well you'd rather go for a call.

    you are right. to call the river is a mistake. could have already folded on the turn against his supertight cappingrange that doesn't neither contain 99 and actually every hand has me beat on the turn.

    24:40 if so it's good yes but if he's willing to spew at all i think he could also go crazy with air on the turn with almost nothing left anymore and he'll play bet/call with a high though. you need good assumptions and without good ones it's impossible to evaluate what's the better line.

    26:25 do you particularly talking about the Q8s hand or about the topic calling vs 3betting preflop late vs BB? if you wanna talk about that you'd rather open a topic in the strategy forum.

    27:00 i don't think so that you are supposed to defend K7 but i'm uncertain. imo it's K9+, isnt it ;P?

    28:00 considered that he raised from mp3 he does only have JTs for a busted draw but the rest of his hands are a high type of hands and he's not that jerk that bluffbets KJ KQ or something stupid

    32:15 i think i would give up on the river as i don't think that he's folding a pair neither when a heart comes and when the a hits he does have the A too often himself that i'd probably give up the hand on the river in any case as i do win against all draws except the few better flushdraws.

    it makes a difference whether you have KK or AA. with kk you have still 3,5 outs against you (A+bd gutshot) and in a 13SB Pot it's worth to kick out AJ AQ AK. with AA you don'T have to be afraid to have substantial outs against you and it's viable to call but bizzark is that aggressive that he would 3bet with 99 and TT to my flopraise and thus flopraise has got the higher EV than just calling imo.

    i would have raised a blank on the
    turn as played yes.

    terrible fold yes. call turn and call blank on the river basically. i do not always call. i mix my play up
  • firsttsunami


    34:13 could have coldcalled either but i have an open ender with 1 overcard and i can raise for value but the entitled objection is that the original better will fold and when you remain 2 handed it's not for value any longer but to balance my madehands i do also fastplay my good draws and he could fold. he may sometimes have 54s but thats unlikely. there ain'T many better hand that we could get to fold on the way to the river except a hand like 44 22 T9 but though it's alright to fastplay your draws in order to get looser calldowns and when the original raise continues on the 3bet it's for value.

    A2 is a raise of course. wasn't attentive enough. :/