Discovery Channel - Part 5

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Fullring
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Ge5sterne moves up to NL200 in the latest part of his video series. Here he plays 4 tables of full ring and finds himself making some tough laydowns time and time again with big and medium pocket pairs.


Discovery Channel FullTilt Live Video series

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  • FishermansFriend


    In part 5 of the Discovery Channel series ge5sterne moves up to NL200. Enjoy!

    Please remember to keep the comments in English!
  • lsunsk


    nice video I enjoyed
  • OnEoFaKinD89


    My suggestion for further live videos: Make your play first and explain ur thoughts afterwards (especially when there are several spots simultaneously). That way u don't run out of timebank too fast + there wouldn't be spots where you'd have to leave out a certain play because you tanked for too long.

    About A8o min 42 at the bottom left: As you mentioned I think the best play against villains line (which obv looks pretty weak bc of the donkbets + the small size) would've been to raise the turn bigger & shove a blank river. But as played I'd bet the river (not shove, cause imo a non-polarized range generally makes a call harder for him in that spot) because although his line is weak, he's likely to have spiked a pair with a lot of his drawing hands and you'll most certainly get to fold all of them...

    Besides that I liked the video ;)
  • jebinho


    can u guys tell me what is the name of that software that shows you all the statistics about all the other players?
  • ge5sterne


    Hold'em Manager
  • Shevtshenko


    17:35 top right with K5o, I think that's a pretty big mistake that you didn't call his riverbet, even more so because he made it potsize. I mean his valuerange is propably KQ/KJ/22 I don't really see such a guy having any other valuehands that he could ever pot on river. Also KQ/22 is pretty unlikely given the flop and turn action. Only draws that got there were T9/AT and bdfd everything else busted. Those co limpers tend to have pretty wide range of suited hands, so he's got plenty of fd's on flop and also a bunch of sd's. So would have been an easy c/c on river, imo.

    35:30 As you also said, AQ is the top of your flatting range and you're killing this guys squeezing range flatting has it's merits and backraising has it's merits aswell but obviously no reason to muck.

    @ 37:00 with QQ, would that guy really raise a set on that texture? Close and grose, I'd feel a bit exploited about that fold. He could have KK+ also, which makes the fold a bit better, I guess. Don't know if people on nl200 are raising 65s/87s/T9s on that board.

    @42:40 with A8o, I don't like your thought process but I do like the play. I mean if we flat the flop, on turn the raise is mandatory and definately good. I'd say on turn he's folding KT and worse made hands almost always and calling with a bunch of draws. Don't think that it makes sense to even think about bluffing again on river since so few hands out of his calling range are folding that you don't already beat. I do definately assume that without any history he's not flatting sets/KQ in that spot vs. your turn raise and is more likely to 3bet AI. So wp in that spot.

    Overall I hate that you're thinking about making a video while playing. Especially when folding with the K5o, if the best of your argument was "I don't want to look silly on a vid"... Well, you know how that sounds.

    Don't want to be harsh or anything, just felt that you weren't on top of your game for some reason and disagreed with some of your decisions. Overall this video serie has been easily the best fr serie on this site and you've done an awesome job with it. Also I might be too critical since I've got a sick hangover currently ;).

    PS. I do prefer the live play videos slightly over the "live play-post audio" -types and it's great to see someone bothering to still make normal live vids, since it's reaaaally tough to play while talking.
  • ge5sterne


    K5o: I think his valuerange for taking this line is pretty much Qx with a BDFD and his bluffingrange are the obvious missed Draws. I thhink it's somehwat close to call here although his range is pretty polarized for the reason that many missed draws like JT and reasonable FD-combos have some sort of SD-Value on this board which he could potentailly just check behind, rather than bluff (bad players don't often turn SD-value into bluffs is my assumption here). I still think a call would have been ok considering the way the hand played out. Since it#s close, his range polarized and early in the session I prolly should have called vbecause I would also get some more infos on the guy (plus the satisfaction of having him owned if she shows me air ;) )

    @AQ: I would always backraise there against aggressive opponents but just looking at this guys stats I would have to disagree with your assessment of me "killing his squeezing range". I think he was straightforward enough that I could muck here, also because I don't rep too much strength as a SB-Caller where my backraising-range oftentimes is exactly AQ and many PPs (I am balanced here I would say but he can't know that yet).

    @QQ: I hated that spot as well and felt really dirty making the fold. Especially 3way it's a good bluffspot for him but I don't know the guy and I think it is better to assume a strong range than a bluffheavy range in these positions in a multiway pot. Even if he is bluffing occasionally folding is ok. If he keeps staying aggressive in these spots I am certainly not folding here. Don't worry about being exploited here: He didn't see what you folded and for all he knows I cbet a dry board alnd folded to a raise, big deal ;)

    Certainly not my best session but I think it made for some interesting spots and seeing some mistakes made in combination with an analysis of them hopefully helps you guys as well :)

    Thanks for your feedback!
  • i5bet72o


    @QJ hand at around the 5:15 mark, when u raise the CO and a agro SB 3bets (with little dynamic in this given session), what is your opinion on flatting and floating many flops?
  • i5bet72o


    16:35 (u isolate w/ TJs vs a fish), how loose will u isolate, is 65s+, 78o+, TQo+,T8s+, K9s+, KTo+, A8o+, A5s+, and all pp too loose? Also if u see a reg isolate in this spot do u 3bet IP super loose?
  • i5bet72o


    26:40 w/ AQs: i might consider a cold 4b/fold here (ofc very player dependant), altho u might bluff 4b air here i really dont think alot of guys at 200 will shove light here in this spot but i do believe that they will squeeze pretty light in this spot so i do believe a 4b will get alot of folds and i dont mind showing the table a cold 4b/fold in order to create an agro image for myself
  • i5bet72o


    dammit, i wrote my last comment before i heard your explanation for y a cold 4b/fold is good so just ignore it pls