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New coach lessthanthree explains the difficulties poker players have when moving to midstakes from lowstakes. He highlights steals, resteals and player ranges.


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  • CBFunk


  • gedwashere91


    lol hand at 8:30 is me :D
    SB is a $12s reg, and i'm defs nitty enough to fold KTo in CO :P
  • gedwashere91


    (also; great video as expected)
  • sirilidion


    awesome video <3 ^^! I was wondering what you would do if the regs are adjusting to you're loose sb, late position raises do start raises less hands then, 4-bet more loosely or a combination of this. And how are you adjusting if you know the reg is campable of 4-bet bluffing a lot, would you call raiseevalute flop. with what for range would you play 3-bet broke against such an opponent
  • Shujee


    n1 man :)
  • lessthanthreee


    #4: Firstly if you are getting flatted more often, then you have to tighten up because your open raises wont be instantly profitable against a looser defense range. I would be dropping a lot of trash hands against these regs, but still playing a heap of nice playable hands. If you are getting 3bet small often then you must start 4bet shoving wider, add in more pairs and aces to your 4bet shove range but high SCs are best if possible. Dont flat a 3bet in that spot, you will have to play oop against a good player who has the aggression.

    If you are in the BB's situation and you know the SB is capable of 4bet bluffing light to your small 3bet bvb. then you should be 3bet/calling hands like A8o,KQs... how wide would depend on whether you think he is capable of 4bet bluffing ATC or only 25%... it depends on the reg.
  • kingofACES08


    very nice job

    19:55 if raising is not a good option what do u think about shoving(14bb) vs sb-completer?

    u c more value in checking(against witch post-flop-opponent-typ?),than shoving-pre? because obv a sb-complete isn t strong
  • Duncan737


    Excellent video, thanks <3. I look forward to another.
  • lessthanthreee


    #7: the stack dynamic is unique in this particular example because we do only have 14BBs. Shoving looks good against unknowns who will often limp/call any raise pre because they want to see a flop. The guys that have high VPIP and high SB limp you should be shoving pre with 14BBs rather than raising, because you will very often get called if you just make it 280. Even though we have position, our stack:pot ratio would mean playing when we miss is extremely difficult. after investing a cbet we are pretty much committed.

    Against the low VPIP (tight) unknowns or even some regs, raising small even with 14BBs will be profitable because tight players will not limp/call very wide pre-flop, and we leave room to get away from the hand if they limp/shove.

    Usually with >14BB stacks raising or checking are our only options, but here with 14BBs we can profitably shove against a lot of loose unknowns who will be reluctant to call an AI, but often call small raises after they limp.

    I would be more likely to check a larger proportion of my range against very loose unknowns who will limp/call too wide to a shove (hands like JTo,22,A2o) . And also players with a very tight VPIP/PFR and low limp stat where I would be more suspicious of a trap.
  • farrider63


    very of the best about this topic, I ever saw....
  • 8979687


    Nice Format. Looking forward to more.
  • AssadKamran91


    pretty nice vid man! pls start playing 45s and make videos there. great work and can't wait to bust you out of the freeroll :)
  • viewer88


    Nice video man! You really opened my eyes to a lot of +EV spots I've been missing, and you did it in a simple and clear way that everyone can understand :)
    You really took your time to analyse the preflop situations in depth and bring it home by discussing the ranges.. ty for this video and I hope to see more!
  • Tim64


    Awsome! Makes me wanna go back to sngs, man. Keep up the great, clear explanations.
  • ElNunho


    Good job, very helpful ty;)
  • Hlynkinn


    good video...
    one question what are your opinions on raising 2.5x the bb when your blind vs blind in early stages vs tight regulars...

    On the 12's for an example I raise 2.5x vs the tight multitablers on every blindlevel during bvsb...(ofcourse I do it with everyhand not only steals :P )

    Am I loosing value doing this? or making myself exploitable r something?
  • lessthanthreee



    that is fine, as long as you balance. :)
  • bigdwong


    Great first video lesson. This guy is truly a stand up person with a genuine interest in helping his community, I really appreciate it.
  • Proky11


    Very nice topics about table selection, steals early and BvB Reg vs Reg adjustments both early and endgame.

    Thanks for video!
  • antoniocalado


    awesome video
  • javafonso


    #20 that!
    really good. you have very good pedagogy!
  • Jax87xAK47x


    nice video, great job!!!
  • pokerski


    Mega vid. Like about resteals and adjustments at the end.
  • Varangino


    Wow, awesome
  • martoman2k10


    great vid, it made me realise that I am both not stealing wide enough and not restealing wide enough either