League of Champions - TwiceT vs szuru

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TheNose reviews TwiceT vs szuru heads up match from the league of champions playoff game.


League of Champions series Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • santostr


    6:40 - When TT 3bets flop it pretty much commits him, it's like a shove, so the "must call" because of the oods its not quite right IMO.
  • MathhNes


    Indeed he has to call with the oesd at 6:30. Folding is no option imo, especially when you face a better player.
  • MathhNes


    Nice analysis all the way. Good job.
  • Endurx


    szuru was dominated and finally tilted, I have no idea why he shoved A6 on the river
  • Cardbender


    well played TT
  • madein1984


    wow, folding to a half potsize donk with top pair on the flop HU. Thats so weak, I don't see how he could have won this.
  • Falco35


    Nice one Nose, educational for me!
    And we see how good TT is, in every vid hes playing another style(passiv, LAG,TAG)
    Adaption, Adaption and Adaption
    TwiceT for president^^
  • pokerski


    Great to see uncovered hands and how opponents react. Nice commentary.
  • Gavron23


    At 41:07 did he really called an overber on the flop with mid pair and gave up to a small raise on the turn....I mean even against an 8 he maybe has the implied odds to call with 4 outs to the FH and 3 outs for splitting the pot, and he cannot always put him on an 8..Not to speak for the betting pattern of overbetting for value and half or less as a bluff...
  • reflex18


    Need more HU video :) You are nice teacher.