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  • $100
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TwiceT, Somnius and TheLastNail sit down with forum members Ihufa, silent21 and bbosstjan for the Featured Table EN. Who will book the biggest win and go home with the prized PokerStrategy.com Hoodie???


Featured Table Session Review

Comments (40)

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  • CBFunk


  • chrsbckr75


    72 game on?
  • Ribbo


    of course! $10 for each 72 that wins.
  • ihufa


    How does one man run so hot :D
  • Leito99


    congrats on your hoodie ihufa!!
  • z1pz0r


    what was that, bluffcall with low suited ace by ihufa?
  • ihufa


    4bet/calling A3s for value isn't standard in 6max??
  • Somnius


    You missed the $16 open UTG as well.

    I actually did want to see flops with the 6x opens by the way :P

    Remember, you're the one that recommended I play drunk at 3am.
  • chrsbckr75


    That's a really good vid of a featured table. Fast comment. And solid players and no spewing. Very nice
  • sootedAs


    High entertainment value on this vid :)

    gg guys :P
  • THESHade


    Wasnt it supposed to be commented by TLN?
  • MathhNes


    Dissapointed. What a bad commentator, he has no idea about poker.
  • NightFrostaSS


    Fish on a heater
  • joecar


    And this is just a complete setup again, its like they just want to show the good stuff at pokerstrategy. ahaha
  • AdamLaw33


    how annoying.. i want to watch more.
  • Gerv


    meh basically 5handed due one guy not playing/rebuying and stuff ..
    Also I would spice this up a bit more for more infotainment value


    It was fun to watch I'm looking forward to seen next video
  • AssadKamran91


    nice vid! but not having auto rebuy on or have a vpip under 25% should be punished :)
  • pogodon


    ihufa the main man smashing aces ha
  • liseiris


    so funny
  • mbml


    hah Q8 minraise/callshove on A8X was sick
  • Slev1nK


    who is this bbosstjan fish?? look @ ptr
  • Ribbo


    lol @ #12 MathhNes :-)

    I don't believe people wanted a 2 hour strategy video, people were just interested in who won and what happened between the coaches.

    To answer #11
    TwiceT and Somnius were originally asked to do commentary. TwiceT pulled out due to saying he was too busy making money at the poker table and Somnius was busy moving and settling in in Thailand.
    Rather than delay the video any more, since a month had passed already, I produced it myself.
  • RottPete


    More of an advert against online poker than promoting it!

    Is mudk1p a fish or a shark? :D

    Good entertainment but wouldn't recommend it as an example of how to play, very loose :)
  • Ribbo


    #24 this video was never released as an example of how to play, that's why there is no strategy discussed in it. :)
  • Kaitz20


    sick play ihufa
  • suitedeule


    liked the commentary, i mean this vid is supposed to be entertaining and no content
  • TheLastNail


    i could comment the vid if there was interest, but i am rather embarassed by my play so dont want to overpush these intentions :D .. lol at 1st hand, i can never fold vs Ivan, thats so obv, i would never do it if 72 game wasnt on, but here i genuinely though i have abs no feq on anything coz either he has himself 72 or will put me on 72 like alw and never fold any of his 2x bluff turning to a "strong bluffcatcher" :D
  • steIIstuI


    i loved the commentator.
  • Zemnieks11


    Dislaiked the ribbo saying some usual hands are total setup, but nice that video is short not explained deeply!
  • MathhNes


    Sorry for my previous comment. However i would like to see a commentation from a strategy point of view by some of the players perhaps.
  • sirjinx29


    the commentator made this video way more enjoyable than the german version, which is blown up with strategy discussions for absolutly no reason
  • yomatiyo


    the commentator rules!!!
  • pogodon


    commentators are supposed to be entertaining not strategical @@@@@ norman chad gabe kaplan
  • staza16


    I'd like to hear the commentator agai pls
  • zaboo


    11:35 "...put him on somethnig better than an ace"... no no, he migh have put him simply on higher ace

    great production! ;)
  • Tim64


    y cant i run like ihufa?
  • Titangizmo


    this was fun to watch! ;)
  • sabo999


    Quality :D
  • Maniatrix


    This was with play money yes? Seems like everyone is spewing.