Five Star General - Part 8

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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ge5sterne continues his series ""Five Star General"" in which he reviews fellow PokerStrategist´s play. Part 7 features Dublimax who played NL50 SH on Titan Poker.


Five Star General series Titan Poker User Session Review

Comments (8)

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  • CBFunk


  • lucanito85


    :D why he has a black boxes over others players names ? :D
  • cyberraver


    @2 ROFl^^
  • iamcreative


    good english duuuuude ;) ... und auch ganz nettes Vid ... weiter so ...
  • ameisenmann


    Tja, mit den schwarzen Boxen hat er wohl verkackt :)
    Außerdem brauche ich mehr Fullring Content Herr General! :P
  • fortunewheel


    rlly dude stop talking for ages about simple hands like AK in the sb it's pretty obvious why 3 betting is bad there , just explain why in short terms. ' Don't 3 bet AK in sb vs UTG because his opening range is way to tight and u basically almost turn ur hand into a bluff'. next
  • fortunewheel


    btw i'm a fan of your vids but in some spots u keep talking endlessly on very trivial situations which don't need much explanation if if it's a leak of your student becuz for eg the AK hand int he sb was supereasy to explain why it was bad to 3 b it
  • pokertreasure


    agree w fortunewheel