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suitedeule plays 4 tables PLO100 on Full Tilt.


FullTilt Live Video

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  • CBFunk


  • HeikeAnna


    nice vid, i like your layout, can you upload it?
  • suitedeule


    no sorry its sold at so i def cant upload it for free.
  • suitedeule


    vpip, pfr, steal, fold to steal
    3bet, fold to 3bet, 4bet fold to 4bet
    Cbet flop, turn, fold to cbet flop, turn
    Aggr%, WTS, c/r, donk bet flop
  • Nickexistiertbereits


    doesn t start...other vids are working...
  • DerSentinel


    28-29 min:
    So he is betting the river 1/2 pot with the 2nd nutstraight after you check behind the turn. Doesn't this make him assume he has the actual nuts? Imo its not so clear cut he is really valubetting a "marginal" Hand there as you said and wrote in your note.

    Seems a bit early to attack his 1/2 pot river bets based on this Hand alone as this might be his nuts betsizing as well.
  • KTP88


    good video, ty!
  • suitedeule


    yeah essentially he has the nuts after i c/b the turn but imo fish dont really hand read that well and are often evaluating more on absolute than on relative hand strength (he has a VPIP of 69 over 30 hands which makes me lean more toward fish)

    but yeah basically ur right ;)
  • DerEismann


    8736 min4: why not just go ahead make a cbet and push over his c/r. u even said he will be c/raising quite light and (allthough im not really good in equitys @PLO) im sure we are favourite here against a range of overpairs/combo draws. he will rarely have any set or 2pair. so whats the disadvantage in betting the flop?
  • suitedeule


    just bet/calling it off is def an option and we should be doing allright equity wise. but we will probably end up flipping against his get it in range of pair+gutshot and better which is sth i would def be fine w/ when being out of position.

    i think since we are in position we kind of negate our positional advantage in just bet/calling it off whenever we hit decent equity. i think we can play better and utilize it more by not allowing him to make easy and correct decisions.

    i should add that this hand isnt the best example and def a very close case (for example in ur case w/o that much experience in PLO id prbably suggest bet/calling it off here a decent amount of the time tbh...)