Betsizing in shorthanded games - Part 2

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In his theory video series BogdanPS will focus on betsizing in shorthanded games. The second episode explains how much you should 3- and 4-bet preflop.


3bet 4bet Betsizing in shorthanded games series Theory Video

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  • Huckebein


  • Vovchique


    thanks a lot, 1st part was awesome
  • Kraese


    jaja, der russische akzent :D
  • BogdanPS


    I don't speak German but I'm assuming you said that I have a Russian accent ;).

    I was actually born in Romania, lived there for 17 years and I now live in Canada (for the past 10 years).
  • Kraese


    i am german, but altough you have got a russian accent, i understand that english very well.
  • JOYS3R


    Kraese ist in Russian geborem.
  • Kostaspoker


    good video for silver status.

    sometimes you breathing to loud... like you're making some exercises ;)
  • Terminatorchief


    great video. can you tell me where you got that chart in ~50 minutes, with the effective stacks left if you bet half potsize, potsize, ect. in 3bet pots?
  • BogdanPS


    Hi Terminatorchief,

    I made that chart in powerpoint.
  • ichimeee


    Hi Bogdan

    In ~33 minute you calculate pot odds for initial 3bettor in ex.3 as 41/14 and in ex.4 as 46/19, shouldnt it be 37,5/14 and 42,5/19 respectively, or am I wrong? I think you added the initial raise to the 4 bet but it is in the 4bet already

    great video though
  • BogdanPS


    Yes you are right, I just noticed that.

    My apologies. It should read 37.5/14 = 2.68 (or 29.9%) and 42.5 / 19 = 2.24 (or 31%).

    Thank you for bringing that up.
  • Lackoogcb


    "I don't speak German but I'm assuming you said that I have a Russian accent ;).

    I was actually born in Romania, lived there for 17 years and I now live in Canada (for the past 10 years)."

    I assume then, your real name is Daniel Negreanu :DD
  • 76537


    Thank you for the video!

    to Kraese

    Your comment and judgment proves you've never heard the Russian language nor a Russian accent :)
  • jukevich


    Бабай : )
  • Chapa3v


    Das ist auf keinen Fall ein russischer Akzent :) Ich bin selbst Russe und erkenne es 100% :)
  • spiderbond


    perfect video
  • Adstriker87


    is there going to be a 3rd and 4th part?! i'd be interested in a vid about betsizing postflop.

  • BogdanPS



    I will try to finish the series in the future. I was asked to record a few live play videos (live commentary and after the fact commentary) as well as some coaching videos.
  • Gantoris


    Hey Bogdan, when will the third episode be released? I really enjoyed the first two ones!


    Not tha bad, just a small comment about the mathematical part in 4-bet pots. Whatch out at minute 28:17 when you calculate the pot odds for the initial raiser you write 41/14 or 2,92:1 (25.5%), I reckon that's something not working here: the initinal raise (or even better let's call him the 3-bettor) has to call for 19 BB and that's correct but the problem is that you count again the 3.5 BB (careful the total pot is 37.5 BB AND NOT 41!) so the correct pot odds are: 37.5/14 or 2.68:1 (27.2%). Subsequently all the calculations for pot odds for initial raiser should be revised and corrected. Please let me know if you don't agree.


    Minute 28:17 pot odds for initial raiser (better to call him 3-bettor) you write 41:14 or 2.92:1 (25.5%), I think that's sth not working. You count two times 3.5 BB of the initial raise so the correct pot odds for initial raiser are: 37.5:14 or 2.68:1(27,2%). Subsequently all the calculation for the othe examples about the pot odds for initial raiser


    Sorry for the last comment it was a misclick
  • FingersMalone


    Hey Bogdan,

    During the first few minutes of this video, it sounds like you might be enjoying an off screen act of intimacy whilst you are talking.

  • FingersMalone


    Thank a lot Bogdan, great video.
  • CryingAce


    Where can i find the third ,fourth .. episode ?
  • Kingsbull


    Yes, I also want to know where are the other episodes??