Immediate Profit

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Watch phzon talking about the concept of "immediate profit": don't give up if your hand doesn't have value: you can still bluff your opponent off his hand. This depends on the risk/reward relation.


bluff immediate profit thematic video

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  • Huckebein


  • Slavzhik1


    Very Cool!
  • Alieaz


    Super vid!
  • Dumm1984


    Could Pzhon please do a video series that covers every poker topic available? Thanks!
  • Cheezy91


    rly great video again!
  • EzitisAA


  • SoWe


    nice vid
  • Bocks


    very good video! thanks for your accurate statements and the "theory - practice" distinction. I would love to see more videos like this.
  • Torg0th


    Thank you so much for these videos. Really well done!
  • Xanham


    Very nice one!
  • Addel


    I like
  • liafu


    good vid
  • NoIR2142


    interesting topic
    presented by a good annotator
    nice job!
  • Nuke249


    Nice Vid. Plus PS should sell pzhons T-Shirts at PSshop...nuts!
  • dmars


    i´d like to have an articel to this subject
  • Schmitten


    "Immediate Profit" ist a nice thought u can have, when a fish checkraises u for the 1000th time.
  • CryingAce


    good vid
  • yomatiyo


    REALLY nice. More vids and articles like this one please!
  • ryuuu


    Its not working T_T isnt this whole article just a prank? :D
  • pzhon


    @19 The video should still work. Is this the only video which does not play for you?
  • ryuuu


    It works now, probably something was wrong on my side :)
  • donkeyshot


    thx, nice/interesting vid.