Userreview with Boomer2k10: Rothko - Part 1

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In the first episode of his userreview series, Boomer analyzes the play of member, Rothko and gives useful advice on fixing leaks.


FullTilt Userreview with Boomer2k10

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new userreview video by Boomer!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • madorjan


    Very nice video, thank you!

    9:00 - you say the 7 is a bad card for c/c-ing, now I was/am thinking a lot about these spots, and I think the fact that he is passive is better for us, because usually he doesn't valuebet enough, and most of the time he wouldn't valuebet 76 here, so I think bluffs are bigger part of his range. Of course, it's a bad card for us, but I'd really c/f only the 5-6-7 of spades. What do you think about that?

    11:15 - loved the speech about table selection

    35:00 - I just check/hoping he has AQ here, I rarely see players leveling themselves into a fold, I think it's much more like 'I have A hi, I call'... really I would vbet AK here (and I play against the same guys as Hero, 1/2 FTP)

    Once again, great vid, thank you!
  • Rothko


    Thank you Boomer.

    I noticed that I have already fixed some leaks and that's fine.
    My bigger leak was table selection, as you noticed.

    01:30 Fixed. :P

    18:00 My logical path was maybe: WTS 36 -> He was probably missed the flop -> I bluffraise.
    Anyway he could maybe fold some better ace here. However it's not the better spot for trying a bluff, especially considering the fact, as you already mentioned, that I had SD value. Bad played.

    23:00 I had your same reaction watching the vid now. Today I think that no betting river is no-sense. Maybe I thought that this opponent would always called the river if he called the turn. So I simply gave up.

    35:00 I think he's gonna call with AK almost 100% here.
  • Rothko


    31:30 Today I think this is a pretty easy fold on the river, considering his low af and low wtsd.
  • Boomer2k10


    Thanks for the comments

    09:00 I mentioned it not being the best card for our range of calldowns but you're right that it's probably an ok card to call down on.

    35:00 This goes in repsonse to Rothko too. HU you're right but in this hand it's 3-way and he's caught in the middle. If he's ALWAYS calling with AK here vs pretty much anything we're betting in this spot he's flushing the majority of a big bet. The fact he's in-between and it's a multi-way pot (so the liklihood of us bluffing is acutally diminsihed becasue we have to get through 2 people) means that we may very well be able to get away with it. It's kind of one of those spots where the rest of your range protects the 1 in 20 times you wanna take a stab at the pot. I think here it's a potentially justified.

    I'm not saying it's 100% the correct play but I don't mind being wrong or argued with here on this one, what I do think is wrong is snap checking back without a 2nd thought.
  • Boomer2k10



    18:00 The one thing I'd ask there is "How many better Aces do you think he folds even if he WILL fold A-High?". Like even the nittiest of nits I can't see folding AT+ here so that leaves us A6-A9 we're potentially targetting. Not many combos compared to his range of whiffs we can induce or better hands we won't fold. Generally it's a bad idea to bluff with SD value. There are exceptions usually centered around times where you don't have as much SD value as you think but for the most part it's a decent "rule of thumb"

    31:30: Vs a standard TAG I'd say it's too high up our range and we'd be folding way too often but vs this guy yes I think you're right we can fold and probably fairly comfortably.

    Hope you've enjoyed it so far


    Please tell me the stats you used?
    Thank you
  • Rothko



  • jini


    ty great video, really liked it..
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    really great video again boomer.

    one thing: 33:00 AQ

    I don't think that we can really represent very much on the River. We 3-bet pre in the BB, so we will seldom have PPs <77, 4x, 2x in our Range. So if we have a pair, we have TP+ almost always and we would c/r this, as we want to get value from both opponents and we just don't give a frecard on the turn.

    We could have a T, ok but we copuld donk that on the Turn as well. We could c/r it indeed or just c/c it maybe but the other T on the River makes it less likely that we have one. And our donk just looks like what it is, the PFA also knows that the 3rd player is weakand if he's good, he will call his AK there imo. At least I would call ;)

    if you say players on 1/2 are playing their cards mainly also if they're TAGs, then the bet is ok, I don't know if that is given, but I wouldn't make this bluffbet on 2/4 or 3/6.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    9:00 I go with boomer there, I would c/f this card as any straightdraw hits and straightdraws are more combos than flushdraws and flushdraws are semibluffing more often than gutshots so I think we're behind most often here, c/f would be my line as well.

    again 33:00 (I read your post after my last comment):

    it's definitely right that thinking about this play is very important and we do have a made hand sometimes (most often Tx) if we bet, but I wouldn't do it as default.

    However, if I see him folding her one time, I would do it the next time I play against him.
  • Swimm


    hello guys !!!
    04-00, what do you think about a donk, CO will often raise our donk,this way we protect out hand, and we put the BU in a situation were he must pay a bigger price.