Firsttsunami floods- Episode 9

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $2/$4 - $3/$6
  • Shorthanded
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firsstunami is back with the last episode of his 2/4-3/6 sessionreview on roomPoker to analyze some more interesting spots


Firsttsunami floods Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    The last episode of the firsttsunami's sessionreview is here! Enjoy!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Kaitz20


    Last J9s hand, I think I like more calling turn and then raising river. Reason: since you´re going to call down anyway with J high you´re forced to put in 5BB and sometimes still loosing to JT+ all the made hands. If you call turn and raise river, then it costs you 3BB if you´re behind and he would b/f river his better air. Also you don´t have to worry that he is semibluffing with worse hands.
    And with KK generally easy valuebet, he would c/c flop often also with Qx, so he his calling down range is likely any pair.
  • firsttsunami


    call turn raise river is an option as well but having the initiative but imo a raise on the river looks more like a busted draw since i usually raise my good pairs on the turn. when call turn raise river is balanced and you delay hands sometimes, you can do that. i do delay madehands to the river sometimes and thus bluffing with busted draws becomes possible and i can rep some hands.

    you may be right that the investment is lower by raising the river but taking over the initiative gives me some foldequity against small pp's on the turn or he may decide to fold a pair on the river to another barrel and he could fold JT on the turn and maybe sometimes 33 44 55 A2 and J9 himself. so i raise off better hands and make him to fold JT would be fine as well.

    if he does call with a draw he pays at least 2BB on the turn. he could check sometimes on a blank river as a turncall indidicates showdownvalue and smart opponents do not blindly barrel on a blank like a 3.

    which KK hand you are talking about?
  • Kaitz20


    KK: 11:43
  • firsttsunami


    when i assume that he does have 8x 7x or Ax most of the time, its not a valuebet since 50% of the combination aint worse but better. unfortunately he had 8x =)
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    9:00 K9o

    you would call down on blanks as Villain could have draws?! But if you do so, you have to call down nearly any hand of your range as K9 is the absolute bottom end of your range except from maybe QJ.

    But the board is quite dry, so I wpuldn't call down with that hand, there are manay Ahighs, PPs that you have to call down, don't you think your downcallingrange ets too wide if you even call down that hand which is on the absolute bottom of your range?!

    23:00 well if you want to get him to fold his hand on the River it isn't a Free-SD-raise... ;) it would be a semibluffraise then.

    You would't have shown the hand if you hadn't won it, right?! ;)

    I don't think that he has an OESD very often in that spot as we are playing on 2/4 where rFFSDs are not so much played, I would have folded the River, but ok if you have success you're right or how do you say that in English? :P

    nice vid all in all
  • firsttsunami



    You are right. K9 is the bottom and GTO-wise its definitely too lose to call this down. i guess fold on the turn is the right play


    i agree with you that most people on 2/4 just rarely use freeSDraises but he is a tag and he knows that i know that he could have some draws and Q and K typical cards to raise with Ax and he could have put me even on lower pairs that im willing to fold on the turn or river. actually my image was rather tight than loose and spewy but he was the type of guy i thought is capable of 3barrel with draws a relative large portion of the time and the equity calculation has shown that his 3betting range is very tight and thus his range is quite polarized and afaik even T9 is enough for him to 3bet to give me enough equity to see the showdown.

    definitely a marginal spot but somewhere in your career you have to bring down those hands to make you feel like a hero. =)
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    of course it's great to call down with J high and win the pot, you're absolutely right, you can feel like a hero then ;)