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In his new video lessthanthreee shows you how to use the filter feature of holdemmanager to plug leaks in your game and to find ways to exploit other regulars.


HEM Filters in SNGs stats Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by lessthanthreee!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Tahigwa


  • aggronom


    nice vod, ty from germany
  • Dumm1984


    The filters I could figure out myself. A more interesting question is: What exactly should I be looking for to improve my game? I would provide my data for an exemplary video. :-)
  • lessthanthreee


    @4. the purpose of this video was to help teach you how to utilise this feature to discover new ways to review/leak-find particular aspects of your game. If you do not know what these are, you should focus on watching other sng training videos. The other videos are focused towards identifying the important aspects of high level sng play.
  • Spockomatic


    Nice vid , gave me some ideas how to use my data... see u at the tables dp666
  • Klinkie


    HEM in englisch, Beschreibung englisch???
    Toll weiter so
  • rhezz


    Hi lessthanthree, great vid!

    I was just wondering what would be the most common/useful analyses that you do when you are revising your games.
  • Guuruu


    can you please make a MTT or MTT/sng HUD filter video for me?
  • lessthanthreee


    @8. i revise bubble hands/bvb spots most frequently using this method. but it can be applied to anything you want.

    @9. sorry. i dont play mtts or mttsngs.
  • goxie


    around minute 15:40 is it possible that something went wrong?
    you unchecked saw showdown, but still inevery filtered hand you see a flop
  • lessthanthreee


    @11. After doing some more hands it seems that the allin preflop = TRUE filter, assumes that you are actually called as well. So you would need to delete this filter from 'more filters' in order to gather those hands which did not go to SD. Thanks for that, I didn't even notice. :)
  • klapstoel


    Hey lessthantree!
    How can i change my stats in hm so they will look the same like yours . I mean that they will be around the avatars istead the normal view. thanks
  • lessthanthreee


    Hi klapstoel

    HUD options>player preferences>appearance>[x] use multiple panels
  • ghaleon



    Has there been any action by anyone to create such filter packs you mentioned in the end of video?