Userreview with hasenbraten: Rensu

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In his new sessionreview series hasenbraten analyzes the play of a fellow coach, Veriz (Rensu). In the first part he'll try to find some leaks on 4 NL25 tables.


PokerStars User Session Review

Comments (11)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by hasenbraten!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Bierb4ron


    + Hasenbraten
    - english ;(
  • TheMonotype


    Krasses Englisch ! ;) Gutes Vid
  • Tahigwa


    Poor Video Quality, looks blurry
    cant say anything bout the content yet
  • Falber


    34:12 about 66 who will fold river, isn't it a topical "zeebo therom" spot? where people never fold full house because... it's a full house yo!
    35:08 What do you think about autofold with A6o otb vs 2 blinds who seems tight?
    nice vid :)
  • monachacom


    muy bueno excelente video !!
  • hasenbraten


    Wanted to let some time pass before my first comment here to avoid making 50% comments onto my own videos - but i guess its about time now

    first - thanks for the positive feedback. i know my german is better then my english, however, since the corresponding brb is in english i wanted to also offer this vid to the english community. hope u can still follow my english ^^

    34:12 Well, i dont think this applies here, because here it would make at least SOME sense for us to play a strong hand this way, which isnt exactly the case in the original zeebo-theorem-spot

    35:08 totally missed that actually - and obv. dont like it, its an autoraise. all together, there where a couple of spots about handselection pre, where i also had a word with rensu in private (A6o OTB fold vs K6s CO raise and so on). mainly, its a missclick i guess ^^
  • Quentin73


    21:44 what do you think about checkraising the turn, assuming that Villain is betting alot there? I think he is calling most of the pockets to a second barrel, but bet/folding them to a checkraise.
  • deivid2


    21:00 A3s utg do you 3barrel here??? if you second barrel??? and why and if you don't what reason is you don't 3barrel here.

    sorry my english :)
  • deivid2


    34:22 TT on 3343 when you don't have many information this player you think he don't cc 3x 77-99 here?
  • SPeedFANat1c


    I did not see any problem with the english, easy to understand, nice video.