Chenny8888 & Lessthanthree Sessionreview - Part 3

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Our two SNG coaches join forces to review a session lessthanthree played on fulltilt, third part is about late game.


Chenny8888 & Lessthanthree Sessionreview FullTilt Multicoach series Session Review

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  • Pascal


    Enjoy the third part of the joint video by chenny8888 and lessthanthreee!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Tahigwa


  • santostr


    Very good videos.

    Just one small thing: There were spots where the video (from <3) was stoped and no one was talking. A bit annoying.
  • Luupainaja


    Thanks for the video!

    About 22:30 TL 94s fold - its really close, 95s is a Nash push with BB calling 20,8%. Do you think BB is inclined to call wider than nash there?
  • lessthanthreee


    @3 sorry about that. we had some issues with team viewer/skype during the recording where it would be a few seconds delay.

    @4 it is really close, but against decent adjusting regs im trying to push perfect nash. looks like i was spot on here ;)
  • vidrata


    Nice vid guys! Thx
  • yurasina


    Very loose pushes
  • zamoda


    Is it just me or video and sound is out of sync?
  • lessthanthreee


    @8, we were doing this recording over a sub-par internet connection. there are a few spots in the video where chenny's screen is ahead of what I can see. hopefully you can still understand everything.

    If we do this collaboration again we will try fix these issues.
  • Jax87xAK47x


    very nice job... I like all of your 3 parts. Looking forward to see more ;) very interesting discussions... :)
  • miskokvo


    btw lessthan.. to cure that bug while playing try to sit somewhere else on table and than back to your main position... if you have free right mouse button it will do the trick
  • pokerfreeman


    Nice vid thx
  • lessthanthreee


    @11 thanks miskokovo ill try that out next time! that bug pisses me off a lot.
  • stevegold87


    Very good videos guys!
    Thank you for that!

    In HUs I usually don't like to see flops and I would rather use the push or fold pre. It's pretty interesting the limp play HU I will try that against fish.
  • Demonic226


    Nice vid, it's interesting to see that adam misses quite a few ANY2 spots as a CL at the bottom right table.
  • Tim64


    5:20 89s; would you still make this shove in a 6mx game? (i.e. 6 plyrs but still utg). Any reason our range would be different? thx
  • chenny8888


    @16: we should be shoving slightly wider Tim64 as we are further from the money thus ICM tax is less
  • kurrkabin


    16:50 I think using HEM helps a lot in spots like that in TR w the A9 hand.This is a clear call vs a reg shoving.
    31:41 TR k7s-this is almost always a shove,isn't it?Folding K7s is never standart there imo.Even with the blinds hitting the shortie next hand,K7s is way to good.I have to have very specific read that he calls like 40%+ to fold hands like K4s+,K7o-8+.
    39:40 J4s TR,so basicaly you'r double barreling the turn and shoving almost any river?Will you consider bet/calling for your stack on the turn?We have like 30% equity and worse than 1/3 odds to call...
  • xlesleyx


    Good stuff thanx again guys top series.