Logic Knot - Part 3 - Blind Defense 1

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In the new episode of Logic Knot Boomer explains the topic of defending your Big Blind against stealers ad non-steal ranges.


Blind Defense Logic Knot series Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new episode of Logic Knot!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Boomer2k10


    Spelling Guys, Spelling!!!
  • HamburgmeinePerle



    do you really think it is a leak to steal less than 45% from the button?! If you take the Range from the pokerstrategy.com ORC you see the following range:


    this range is only 37,7% of all hands.
    So I can't imagine that this is a big leak...

    I've noticed you criticized people for not openraising hands that are not standing in the ORC.
    The ORC is quite tight certainly, but on the small stakes with high rake (up to 5/T), especially 3/6 with the 1/3 blind structure but 5/T with 2/5 blind structure as well I think you shouldn't be much looser than ORC.

    Maybe a little bit but I don't think it's a mistake if you fold A7s, A6s, 55 in UTG or J8o, Q8o, T8s, 97s from the button. I personally think that 45% is too much from the button, 55% is far too much imho.

    12:20 defending range vs CO

    I don't like this range, why defending K8o and not A2o or 76s?! A2o has better EQ and you can call down according to your EQ which you can't with K8o ui. And 76s has a much better playability. I hate hands like K8o in those spots as you say earlier in the video.

    I think both your stealing and therefore of course your defeding ranges are too loose for the small stakes.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    I do have a fold BB to steal of 46 btw...my ATS is 38.
  • Boomer2k10


    Hey Hamburg

    Yes I do believe that it's a leak. While the ORC's can be useful for those starting out to make sure you don't spew you have to recognize profitable situations when they exist but to me and pretty much all the regs I talk to constantly 37% would be seen as pretty badly tight on the button unless the blinds were 3-betting monsters who had edge on us in which case we wouldn't be in the game anyway.

    I do disagree with things on the ORC though don't get me wrong, I think 3 betting any offsuit Ace in a SB vs BB situation is bad for your range and that you can't simply make ranges based on equity (like the 3-betting range was).

    Most players at Small Stakes aren't aggressive or tenacious enough when either defending their blinds or stealing in my experience. You can get away with this at small stakes but even at stakes like 3/6 and 5/T now late position play is becoming more and more aggressive, the structures do have some influence here but just as you're getting a worse price to steal teh BB is betting a worse price to defend and the SB is going to be much tighter overall so there is a balancing act going on. You can probably cut a few % but I certinly wouldn't go from say a 50% steal on button(mine-ish) to a 40% steal just becasue of a 1/3 structure.

    At 2/4 and 3/6 especially on Stars, the rake is as low as it's going to be until you hit 10/20 and the players are far far worse so really the rake isn't a huge issue.

    I don't mind you being tight Under the Gun, that just simple good poker and I think a lot of players try and push it too far with their UTG raises and end up playing too many pots out of position, especially with hands like A9o, but raising from the button with a very wide range now should be 100% standard, it is incredibly hard for the blinds to take advantage of you opening wide and even if they do defend you're playing Heads up in Position with initiative.
  • Boomer2k10


    In my CO range I do defend K8o, A2o and 76s, do you mean vs HJ range? What you've directed me to is the CO opening range, which does have 76s in it, or at least should do iirc. I you want to cut K8o out of this range that's fine but I'd definitely raise K9o.

    I realise my ranges will be uncomfortable to a lot of people but certainly with the opening ranges I would say this is the way the games are beginning to go and if you want to get comfortable and progress up the stakes these are ranges you should be gettign used to. You're obviously allowed to draw your own conclusions and adapt to them based on your opponents but I assure you the numbers I've chosen are based on a massive number of hands, conversations and experience I've had with the game so even if they're a little out, they're not far out.
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    yes true, I changed it with the CO openingrange. so forget this point ;)

    very interesting, from all Coaches I listened to you are the first one who is differing a lot from their ranges which are similar to the ORC.

    But I'm very surprised that you are not only recommending to be much looser but also claim, that raising according to the ORC is a mistake.

    Ty for this point of view, now I have to start a new topic in the forum about this ;)
    I'm very interested in what others think about your recommendations, in the hand judge forums I get criticized if I steal one kicker loose than the ORC recommends, so I'm a little bit confused now. I'm very curios what other TAGs say to that.
  • Boomer2k10


    Well I wouldn't be interesting if I wasn't just a little different :)

    I think the ORCs are good positions to start from and should be used as such but yes my ranges do differ from the ORCs except funnily enough in the SB...

    To be honest when I started playing originally and was playing 0.5/1 I can say my ranges were very similar to what the ORC chart says now and the looser ranges are what I've developed over 100's of thousands of hands and with the development of LHE theory as a whole.

    A lot may be due to my use of the word "Leak" meaning something terribly wrong. At low stakes that's probably not true but as someone who's trying to give the best advice possible I'd say it certainly has the potential to be a significant error when climbing the stakes, certainly 2/4+. I look forward to the posts :)
  • XeroHTLP


    thx, looking forward for the second part
  • fuerstIN


    I just had a quick look at it but will deffs fully watch it asap!
    Looks like you did a very good job again, Boomer!!
    thumbs up!
  • karlosibz


    Really interesting video. I will ask for the traduction for our community ^^ Waiting for the next part.

    Also I have my own observation: when you change your BB vs SB 3b range for being more balanced with less Ax in our range and add lots of SC, I understand that this is for having a similar % of 3b than if we had all these Ax.
    Becuase, when you first mentioned it, I thought just to add more hands like you said, without quiting the others. Then our 3b range would be probably too high.

    Of course, it depends on the oponent but it is just an observation.

    Really interesting this adaptation.
  • Boomer2k10


    @XeroHTLP, fuerstIN & karlosibz

    Thanks for your comments guys appreciate it

    To answer karlosibz's specific points:

    The main reason I try to adapt ranges like this really is 2-fold

    1) For a very basic reason if mean if someone sees say a "30% 3-bet BB vs SB" stats on me they can't just shove "Top 30%" into an equity calculator and get an accurate result.

    2) The main reason is playability. Every hand in poker has 2 factors to it, equity and post-flop playability. You can't really come up with a range for a situation without analysing both.

    Certain hands with strong equities don't play very well when they don't hit post-flop and are hard to realise their full equities (Bad Aces, Offsuit medium K and Q-highs) whereas others can make up for their lack of real equity with their ability to win bigger pots and (more relevantly in SH) put you in easy post-flop situations where you can fight back or let go and know pretty much always where you are in the hand (Suited Connectors are biggies here) so in my opinion anyway, it's crucial to strike that balance between the 2 rather than adapting a 1 way strategy.

    Full Ring and EP situations in 6-max games is about winning big pots so you want big equity. Late position play and thus the vast majority of 6-max play is about winning pots and putting as much pressure on your opponents weaker ranges as possible becasue the "big" pots won't exist the vast majority of the time.

    On the flip side 65s shares many of the same characterisitcs as 98s and 9Ts but I wouldn't recommend 3-betting it (not much as a default anyway :) ) becasue its equity vs a SB range is just too low.

    Hope this helps :)
  • karlosibz


    Yes, I knew all of that, but didn't think about in that way.
    Ty and continue with your good job :)
  • Augepaul


    Hey Boomer, very good Video!
    I'm just trying to restructure my ORing standards and that helps alot.

    I also realised that most of the really good Players OR a whole lot out of the CO and BU or even isoraised 54s from the Co (which in my opinion istaking it too far but anyways).
    So there must eb a point in that.

    I really liked the way you outlined, that its getting ery very hard to adapt as teh BB vs someone who steals relentless. Because that's what I'm encountering alot on the higher stakes and it really made my life hard when I was in the BB.

    What do you think about cutting back a bit more Ax hands from the 3betting range vs SB? Or what about let's say not 3betting with A7s or A6s to kind of disguise your 3betting range?

    Hope to see some more ids in the furture and Im gona jump right into the next part :)
  • Boomer2k10



    Thanks for the comments

    I actually thinking cutting back some low Suited aces is fine, especailly vs players who will just fire turn and river constantly into passive play.

    You could probably play a bit with a Combo Sounter and see if you can drop say 1/4-1/3rd of your Aces into your calling range vs the SB and see how that pans out for you.

    It's actually something I've done a bit of work on in my game as I feel there's a limit you can reach with aggressiveness where it turns into either spew or at least on the very borderline of profitable, a lot of the time the more passive play is what's going to work.

    Re: Specifically A6s and A7s, if you're just looking for combos of Aces not to 3-bet these are as good as any, can't make a 2-card straight and not a favourite vs Ax so seems fine to me.
  • Augepaul


    Thanks for the fast asnwer, Boomer!

    Yeah thats exactly the reason why I was thinking about it!
    I think alot of people just blindly barrel the turn so it might be better to be more passive with weak, SDable hands.Especially because the Value of those hands is pretty marginal imo.
    Moreover it can get yourself into some pretty toughs spots on the Turn/ River.

    Sure you can get into some tough spots dfending those hands passivly but still its a smaller mistakes to make a bad fold in a small pot than in a big pot :)

    Yeah, sorry I forgot to mention why i just picked these two hands :)
    but you named the reason!

    Do you know how many more installments there gonna be for this Series?
    If so what kind of topics are going to be coered?
  • Boomer2k10



    I don't know how many installments they will be to be honest, I usually do them as topics come to mind so it's an ongoing thing.

    Things that come immediately to mind include:

    Game Creation (Next)
    Being Raised on the Turn
    Being X-Raised on the Turn
    Stats and HUDs (I'm a bit mean on these sometimes)
    Idea of Micro and Macro Play (This could be a few vids as I've got to develop the idea)
    Potentially a Special on becoming a Poker Pro (Again quite a bit of work needed on that one)

    I thnk currently I have about 10 episodes planned (including the 4 so far) to be released by the end of the year but my plans can changed.

    I've also got planned:

    Micro-Series (4 Vids)
    HUDless Series (4 Vids)
    Live Vids (SOME Vids)
    "The Journey" - Micro -> Small/Mid (Probably 6-8 Vids)

    And some more in there somewhere...I'm always happy to take suggestions on what people want to see :)
  • Boomer2k10


    Oh yeah, I guess BvB and SSH play should be in there somewhere as well.

    See? There's always something more :)
  • Augepaul


    That sounds like a few very interesting topics!
    Really looking forward to that!!

    In "Being raised on the Turn" are you also planning on commenting about how to balance the Turnraising range for hero?
    Because I find that a pretty interesting Topic that might be included in that Vid.
  • Boomer2k10


    That's certainly something I plan to go into, I feel a lot of TAGS are ok raising in position as they can mix in FSDR and bluffs etc and the default line for many with made hands is to wait until the turn

    X/R'ing on the other hand is a totally different story.

    That's going to be later in the year becasue I'm going to get some (say 75-100k) hands together at 2/4 and 3/6+ and run some filters on the data, see what I can come up with
  • MorchManN


    nice vid! good work and well explained. you gonna play all these hands? :P
  • Boomer2k10



    Thanks for the feedback

    Well after a few more review/theory videos I'm going to move a bit more into live play so you'll get to see ;)
  • wuerstchenwilli


    fantastic video!! Explored so many Leaks especially BB-defense vs. SB open