User Review with TheNose: Justaperson

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In his new video TheNose reviews a handhistory posted by pokerstrategist niker19 in one of the SNG coachings. The tournament is a $6.50 turbo STT on Fulltilt.


FullTilt Session Review User Review with TheNose

Comments (15)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by TheNose!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • LucasMonteiro


    Very boring video, TheNose just takes too long commenting the hands, including hands that the hero wasnt even involved like the AK vs A8s hand, not that it wasnt worth commenting, it's just that he took so long commenting it, the video got extremely boring to watch.
  • kilkany


    Stupid, why thenose takes too much time to discus stupid play by other opponents? This is $6 sng, everybody plays bad. What reason to talk about that?
  • kurrkabin


    I think u guys are 2 harsh on The nose in that vid.It's a silver status material,u'll get a lot of micro limit players to watch it so therefore it should be helpful considering the type of mistakes they do in these limits.His job was to analyze the game,I think he did good.The nose's voice is way 2 calm and low though.Makes it harder for me to focus on the game.
  • gazgules


    For me the production was easy to understand (maybe next time speak a bit louder :) ) - I will definitely use some of advice to make my play more profitable.
  • qnb07


    voice is too quiet.
    he spends too much time looking at other people's play.
    they are fish. no need to analyze how badly they play each other, but how we should play to take advantage of them.
    he spends way more time on hands that hero isn't even in and could have easily had 2-3 HHs of hero and we might have actually learned something.
  • fembot26


    At 24:45, the push from the button with ATs to 12 BB (9 effective BB) must be profitable, but as the small blind can stack us, wouldn't an open-raise to 2.5 or 3 BB be even more profitable? We can fold to a re-shove from the bigger stack, while probably calling if the shorter-stacked big blind re-shoves.
  • Floianpa


    nice vid... it helps me to get better!!!
  • santostr


    Discussing other people's hands is good IMO, but I agree he took too much time in the AK x A8 hand. There were other hands that Hero wasn't involved and the comments were quick and valuable.

    About the TT hand, I like the pushing idea, but only because of the previous hand. It's not a standart play IMO, and therefore not a big mistake to just raise it.
  • QuarKUS7


    nice video
  • post36


    clear and detailed video, maybe a bit too detailed for more advanced players, but learningfull for me
  • PhantomR32


    The AK vs A8s discussion takes up a quarter of the video, that is just inefficient.

    Focus on Hero's decisions, it is his review after all.

    For the rest, thanks!
  • zamoda


    I enjoyed the video. Why do you want TheNose to focus only on hero hands? I like that he analyses opponent's plays, because that helps to make a decisions in the future. It shows how much you can gain by observing the game..
  • peldren


    nice video, thx
  • s0cru3l


    I like it.
    Detailed analyses are never unnecessary.