SNG Review with All Hole Cards - Part 1

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $11 - $22
  • Fullring
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To celebrate the anniversary of the Bankroll Building Coaching, Unam invited some pokerstrategists to play a SNG, then he merged the hand histories together to bring you this special video where he analyzes the game of every player.


hand history review SNG Review with All Hole Cards

Comments (22)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy this special SNG video by Unam!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • JustgAMblin



    CUstars is only pushing QX on flop?

    dont think he is folding Kx of clubs to the donkbet.

    even if u take out all drawing hand we still have decent equity against CUstars range. 42% equity should be enough to donk/call the push.

    if we give CUstars a decent amount of Kx type drawing FD hands we have 46% equity. I think we can easily call with A9s.
    Bet fold is obv not good. As you said C/R would be the easiest line.

    greetz :)
  • goldchess


    8:15 CUstars folds 99 from MP lol
  • JustgAMblin


    38:15 AT in blue

    you need 45% equity to call breakeven cEV. Would be interesting to calculate the hand with the ICM explorer. Riskpremium should be very high. dont know if its enough to call.
  • Proky11


    Perfect video! amaka is my new sng hero! :-D
  • santostr


    Very nice video. Would like to see other SnG coaches doing this aswell (<3, chenny). Very instructive.
  • goldchess


    ATs call is not even close

    Amaka'a style is pretty awesome for nitty SNGs like the stars $16 turbos, if perfected of course :D
  • vanPollum


    Nice format!
  • 13BlackCats


    Very Good Vid..

    We need more of those please
  • NanYar


    min 5:30 A9s
    As deep as I still was, I didn't want to go broke with nothing but a flushdraw and one overcard, so I decided to bet/fold. I chose a betsize that should get better aces and smaller pairs to fold (think any pair would be in his cut-off open raising range), but still allows me to fold to a push by strong made hands.
    Problem is that opponent can't flat call medium strength hands with his now shallow stack, so I won't get to see the turn and river card this way, which is why I agree with Unam and #2 that check/push would be the best line.
  • Anakrusis


    you forgot to hide the real player's usernames from PS when you analyzed a hand in SNG wizzard.
  • pokertalent


    I like your english. It is cool how you make this (ouah, uh,) like the american and in some other spot speak typical german. I like.
  • Apfelschorle77


    nice one! pretty good format.
  • belthazorrrr


    in A9vsKQ hand you say that you check raise all in with A9,but if you bet then you fold.Whats the difference?If the KQ bets in 325 pot he will bet 200-250 and left behind 750 more so i dont think you have fold equity because he cant fold his hand even if he has QT because he has no chips behind
  • smokinnurse


    very nice format, very nice comments
    but what a lolplay^^
  • mattisks


    I like the A3s raise. Unfortunately that's as far as I can see the video. Bring more action junkies to SNGs and I will love them even more!

    I play this format on Cake with 4ppl payout structure and it is almost impossible to go broke. For example guy named *it_*it or something like that? He always gets bust pretty quickly. Say 8th doing some crazy stuff. And you can be sure he'll pay you big hands as soon as he makes call preflop :D If you book me 9 crazy ppl that are willing to go all in first hand I will take 1-2 payout structure anytime!
  • luizsilveira


    What a teaser... "look, I've got KK and this will be interesting... but only on next video of this series". Come on, this is worse than soap opera teasers :P
  • mergelina


    i cant follow when yous says, u dont have the odds to call with A9s. You have 12 outs, (9 are abs. clean) plus ~1 for backdoorstr8 with 2:1 odds, thats more then enough for a call,especially cause he is not yet crippelt in case of loss.

    ??? is it my leak??? im sure, even icm couldnt turn that call into -EV...???
  • 0xiide


    these players are soo tight, open foldin 99 in mp, i dont get that at all
  • Tim64


    19:11 the AK push is awesome exactly becuase BB's bets size says: "I have a weak hand/air". BB is never making it so big with a real hand.
  • Tim64


    Anyway, excellent video - great concept!
  • Chromatic


    @minute 17: I hope every board is random on pokerstars^^