Strictly Six Max - Special Episode

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $350 - $550
  • Shorthanded
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Behold the special episode of the six max series from faarcyde. He will play the highest stakes and share his knowledge with every member Silver+. Watch and learn!


FullTilt series Session Review Strictly Six Max

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new special by faarcyde!

    Please keep the comment in English!
  • Sneijder1091


    Thanks for new Highstakes Content!
  • hgypoker


    Is this for silver in the first week only?
  • Rsiatat


    are those turbos ? 5 min blinds ? or 10
  • fembot26


    Your shove at 37:40 with T7o on the right-hand table with 13 effective big blinds seemed a bit crazy; wouldn't it have been more profitable to raise-call against the short stacks and raise-fold against the second biggest stack? Also you shoved at 44:58 on the left-hand table, again with 13 big blinds, with 65s; to reduce variance, wouldn't it be better to raise-fold there? Is there some insight that I'm missing regarding 13-big-blind stacks?
  • erhooMaister


    omg are this guy a pro? I think he doesn't live from poker, poker live from him! :D
  • Rodri85PL


    So better for me not to watch this video?
  • faarcyde


    @Fembot26: Like I said in the video, the big blind was sitting out and I thought the SB would call me extremely tight (not AQ) so I stick by the play. With the 65s it is a Nash equilibrium play versus a solid opponent.

    @Erhoomaister: Yes, I have been luckboxing it for three years, variance is finally catching up to me =)
  • Tim64


    Also love the T7o shove - his call with AQ is pretty wretched imo.

    Great stuff, fc. The way you explain everything calmly and succinctly and point out candidly where you made errors and why is just so on the money.

    Easy to see why you have been tearing it up for so long - cheers!
  • Luupainaja


    Nice video, thanks!
  • santostr


    Nice video. Thanks PS for making this silver :)
  • Gavron23


    25:40 the pocket 10s on the right,
    why are you 3x-ing, you ostensibly give him more incentive to resteal, but isn't that a bit suspicious for him?
  • faarcyde


    @Gavron23: I don't think it is suspicious. Versus regular opponents I would usually 2.5x but I want to put more money in the pot against a fishy opponent, and yes I do think it induces him to resteal more often instead of flatting.

    @Luupainaja and Santostr: Thank you for the kind words.

    @Tim64: That is very nice of you to say. I have been making videos for a while now and try to make them as precise and insightful as possible.
  • MarcPS


    @19:00 you make a 3xBB raise in the SB with AJo when you'd been talking about minraising a lot.

    i assumed because there was a fish in the BB you wanted to induce, but then still folded. I guess my question is, were you inducing, and then thought better of it? Or did you add like a 1BB 'out of position tax' because you thought he'd call pretty wide anyway and only raise monsters?
  • shakin65


    I really like your read regarding numbers in screen names ;-)
  • Pimprlas


    Watched all 3 vids and - thanks a lot - it was eyes-opening for an 11$ 6max turbo reg, lots of material to analyze and implement into my game, thanks again and keep up the good job :)
  • lessthanthreee


    that AJo rf BvB seemed pretty weird to me. if you think he reshoves so tight then why 3x ?
  • fisherrate


    can you please do more 6 max sng for silver
  • d1sAA


    hey, can you please check the comments for this video?
  • faarcyde


    @Lessthanthree: I think either size in that situation has its advantages vs. fish. I slightly prefer the 3x with strong hands against fish to get more money in the pot.

    @d1sAA: They should be answered now.
  • d1sAA


    Thanks for the answers! And there's been a request: if you can please share with us your holdem manager hug config, perhaps you can upload it to some sort of a file hosting servise?
  • Gladi3



    first of all: great vids!!!

    secondly: you said at the beginning that it was bad to r call AK (from ajarsenal); did you mean that serious? I mean what else should he do against the push? He has to call in my opinion...
  • Gladi3


    sry against the 3bet I meant, do you really think of a fold there?
  • sojowyjarz


    lol 500$ sng's for silver status ;)
  • Angelface21


    Nice? I think though that in the lower sng's you should steal a bit more tighter cause they call a bit loser. You agree? Or do I have a misconception here?
  • Angelface21


    Nice! I ment!
  • Cagey


    solid video! very helpful!
  • balimate


    Hi! faarcyde. I have 1-2 question.
    1. Witch BRM strategy use you?
    2. You gamed only 6max in all level?
  • faarcyde


    @Angelface21: I think it can work both ways. I like stealing a lot in high stakes because people fold a lot, I like stealing low stakes a lot because they play poorly post flop. Position > all.
  • faarcyde


    @Balimate: 200 buyins for professional, 100 buyins for part time, 50 for recreation.
  • faarcyde


    @Gladi3: Can you give me the time on the hand?
  • speknaze


    Nice video, very good explanations. Im portuguese sorry my english, but still u wasnt that quick on your speach like someone criticized, exelent line of think and explain... 5*. I play only 6max turbo, Pokerstars en Everest, my FTP bankroll its stucked!! Im waiting more videos from you.. gold its good :)
  • mktpppr


    wow just wow, thank you faarcyde
  • FissaBissa


    @faarcyde great vid!
  • kevvu


    It was my first 6max vid, what i have watched. It really opened my eyes. Good explanations :).