Climbing the Ranks - Part 1

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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New series by GodlikeRoy. Learn about the differences on the different stakes of PLO SH starting with PLO200.


Cilmbing the Ranks PokerStars series

Comments (22)

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  • Pascal


    Enjoy the video!
  • hova


    do want the videos at micros -> upwards, i'm very unsure about not nutpeddling pre or what handselection to have in 4-6 way pots or vs totally unreadable morons like you have on the micros.
  • EmanuelC16


    Really nice video. I'd love to see some lower stakes vid as well ...
  • Kasperkopf


    i wanna Cilmbing to
  • Pharaoh23


    i really liked this vid. pretty exact explainations in nearly every interessting spot, and talking about the differences a bit between this limit and some higher limts. I cant wait to see the next parts of this series. plz keep on doing this good work. Pokerstrategy made a rly good decision by taking you as a Coach
  • GodlikeRoy


    Thanks for the responses :)

    I will make a lower stakes vid too since there are some requests for it. I'm not yet sure of the order they will be released (ie low stakes one might come at the end) but I will definitely do it.

    I also have some concept videos planned in-between releases of this series.

  • glzor


    thx for video,Roy, and waiting for low stakes.
  • truehero


    I really can't play Omaha on the same level with NL Holdem, but it is unreal fishy poker from GodlikeRoy...
  • EmanuelC16


    Oh, maybe the low stakes can be 4 tabling? Just to get into more interesting spots.
  • rootsanarchy


    liked it very much. looking forward for the next parts. i think 2 tables are perfectly fine for a live vid. getting into detail and talking about the villains and proper adjustments just has so much more value than getting into lots of spots, but don't having time to explain them. (ok, maybe that doesn't apply for the micros^^)

    also looking forward for your concept videos =)
  • 3iks


    Translate into Russian plz
  • Elinow


    Waiting for PLO 50.
  • Thormtos91


    Like the format of the series ;)
  • yoshiwa


    What is the thinking on the call @ 4:50 ? Your ace is likely to be blocked so you are calling to a flush with an out already blocked in your hand and 3 cards that are near but double gapped?
  • Ratatuj



    Will be translated for sure.
  • GodlikeRoy



    We have position on a very loose and aggressive player and our hand is average. It's not fantastic but it's definitely good enough. The suited ace will let us get it in with a lot of flush draws (bare NFD, pair + NFD, straight draw + NFD, big combo draws) that have very good equity.

    Also I don't think our ace is that likely to be blocked vs. someone 3betting 1/3rd of his hands.

    We are also getting very good odds to call. I think it is a very standard call spot.
  • weickenmeier


    i would love to see you playing 0.5/1$ you play on Full Tilt also? would be nice to take this site in consideration too :)
  • apopt


    How many tables do you usually play?
  • Nasstrom


    Great Video! If you could do PLO 25, 50 and 100 that would be super!! :)
  • luizsilveira


    Cool vid, I 100% agree with #19 and would like to see it for lower limits.
  • moveon123


    very good video thank you for your time and effort here
  • Infiesta


    it's unreal how a pro looses againts fishes but that's poker...