Saving Bets - Part 2

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $300/$600
  • Heads-up
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In the second part of his series Darren Woods continues reviewing the HU match he played at the $300/$600 tables against a regular. The main concept of the video remains: how to avoid wasting bets.


darren woods high stake Saving Bets Session Review

Comments (3)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by our fresh WSOP Champion! Congrats Darren!
  • hwoarang84


    Nice wsop cash+bracelet, grats!!

    flop: 5s3c5d prf 3bet, u bet flop, he folds

    u say it would be a huge mistake for him folding any 2 cards on that flop against your own wide 3betting range.

    So when he's got a hand like draw + often dominated
    No possible turncard that gives you a good draw on the turn, making it a good turncall.

    So basically your hoping for a 7 or T on the turn, which is a ~12% chance, i guess...
    But even against a wide 3betting range, that 7/T won't give you the best hand for sure. Also when the board develops like that: 53576 the 3better might even fold his worse hands, so the implied odds aren't great

    Min. 52


    you open Kd8h, he 3bets and bets flop

    the flop is pretty terrible for that hand but you call b/c you don't want to be too weak in these spots.

    Would you be going to bet the turn when checked to you or just taking a free card? Whats your plan in that hand.
    From what i've seen he did 3b rarely and since he is a careful player, his range propably wont include too many deceptive hands..
    You also say that its difficult for him to barrell the turn, but one of his rare bluffs was a 3barrel so i guess once he's decided to 3bet 56 he might just b,b,b hoping to look strong
  • DooshCom


    Hi hwoarang84,

    In responce to your comment/ quesstions:

    1.On the 553 flop, without getting a calculator out and assuming he has 7 10 offsuit - a 12% chance of hitting for a 'small' bet on the flop after the pot has been 3bet preflop, I'd think would be good enough to call. The percentages + implied odds will probably enough out the math enough to make the call, or it certainly won't be far short especially against my range/3bet %. But even more importantly, when playing HU and I notice a guy folding the flop on a 553 flop, to a flop bet - my first thought is going to be "Lets start 3betting him more often". Excluding all maths, this reason alone is enough in my mind to always make a call on 533. Add the possibility of hitting to that as well, and I think fold is a huge mistake.

    2. You're right, he may just bet bet bet. But I think it's generally less likely after I call on this type of board. The reason I call on the flop is to see what he does on the turn. On the flop K high may still be the best hand, and since the pot was 3bet preflop I only need to be right 1 in 6/7 to make the call correct. He may or may not barrel, but if I think there there is more than a 1 in 7 chance of him stopping on the turn, then it's worth the call. Also, I have some backdoor possibilities and perhaps my K is live. It's hard to say what I would have done if he'd have checked the turn, as the moment has now passed. However I'd likely have checked behind, and make a tough river decision depending on how the board run out. Add this to the fact that I don't want to seem weak and like I will easily fold to preflop aggression, and it's nearly always going to be a call with K high for me in those spots.