Saving Bets - Part 3

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $300/$600
  • Heads-up
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In the final part of his series Darren Woods continues reviewing the HU match he played at the $300/$600 tables against a regular. The video focuses on how to avoid wasting bets against a decent regular.


darren woods high stake Saving Bets Session Review

Comments (5)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • RoyalBluff110


    I am playing 0.2/0.4 NL holdem, just started few months ago and so far it is working well for me..this video is great.. I think many people can learn from it.
  • Sinnology


    RoyalBluff, how can u see it when you are silver???
  • johnnyrocket1


    good video, I would normally take a different line on the K2, he doesn't semi bluff raise the turn with draws? If he does it would appear to me that that'd be the better line to let him hang himself, also it seems to easy to read your hand as SD value when you cr and then check a turn semi brick, thoughts?
  • kafelnikow


    is it going to be the last video doosh made for pokerstrategy?