Blind Battles - Steal

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $10 - $100
  • Shorthanded
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In the launch of the new miniseries, 4ertik explores the methods behind successful Blind Steals.


Bankroll Building Blind Defense Blindbattle preflop series Steal Theory Video

Comments (20)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • Ratatuj


    It's part 1 of 3
  • Doty


    nice i was so looking forwart to such a video :D
  • Z0R1T0


    Good job.
    It's also important to add that against 90% of the players is profitable to raise 95% of SB and check fold all the flops you completely miss.
  • Saruniks


  • candyfish


    great vid!
    thx a lot dude!
  • AKM247


    Great video! Spasibo!
  • BiznieriuX


    Thanks for video. Enjoyed watching it ;)
  • Dublimax


    When you calculate the equity of our 3BB raise you are not saying that there are 2 players behind us (SB and BB). If both of them fold 80% then the equity is as follow:(1.5*0.64)-(3*0.36)=-0.12BB
  • anko1


    In the example you are in the small blind and steal from the nit with a 4 BB raise. You say, that the open raising size is wrong. Did you missread your position or do you really recommend to open raise smaller in this position with the nitty player in the big blind?
  • violetorange


    good basic video but #9 is right.

    In your first example you talk about 67% fold to cb value of your opponent. But you have only a sample of 3 situations.
  • super8


    #9 is right. You should consider this in your video.
  • super8


    And that TAGs fold 80% is just not the reality. This is value you can assign to Rocks. In NL10 the TAGs are way more loose in the blinds!
  • SilverSag


    A bit of an offtopic, but... Russian!? Either the voice is not author's or this is best English I have ever heard from a Russian!

    On the topic:
    Great vid - really needed that!
  • RichardK


    great vid. thanks
  • p0rkus


    #14 it's a translation :)
  • Harnas31


    great man
  • potenzo76


    #9 he said that is was way more complicated than that and you can't consider that you will loose your 3BB each time (-3BB*0,36) because when SB or BB calls, he has to fold 65-80% of the time and you win 3,5-4BB.
    So it depends on 3bets % and fold to CB too

    Anyway good video thx
  • BogdanDr


    good video! very easy to understand.
  • jozata


    He says that overall SB and BB fold 80% which would mean that each of them roughly folds around 90% to steal which would be way to much for a TAG at the micros.