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Faarcyde kicks off an instructional videoseries taking us through his HUD preferences.


series stats Theory Video

Comments (29)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • gekitsios


    why platinum?jesus
  • Yoshimitsu77


    #2 exactly
  • Witz84


    This really sucks. I see no sense for platinstatus required in this video.
  • lincristian


    it is true why platinum ?
    it should be silver or something
  • Iljaronaldo


    platinum wtf?!
  • fatal1tyOne


    :(((..c`mon guys...thats not plat...maybe silver - gold would be ok...:(
  • tomahawkpt


    HUD video for Platinum only??
  • cpers


    platinum don't need a hud.
  • z4tz


    5 hands and 30% VPIP, i'd like to see that ;) he played one hand with only one holecard? ;)
  • luvmeluvme


    if you check in the bb, you played a hand but its not VPIP
  • dydukas


    Video ranking on PS is ridiculous. There are way better silver videos than say gold or platinum.

    As for this one, although faarcyde is my favorite sngs coach, this video is useless.

    Coloring VPIP, PFR, etc stats in different ways doesn't make sense. Colors are meant for color coding each stats ranges separately. No?

    Also why you filter heads up and 3 handed in the same way? Games are reg infested now, there are enough stats for both and I don't think anyone would play the same 3 handed and heads up. Especially in 6max, where 3 handed is bubble.

    Everyone who is not lazy can make a better hud, no need for platinum video to explain how to change your hud background.

    Looking forward to your super turbo videos! Those are way better. :)
  • nttrung143


    i think gold also need to view the clip.
  • taschendamenfalter


    no offense, but this vid isn't even worth being released as silver


    i agree. most of the information here is just basic stuff. let silver/gold members see this.
  • AAABuddha


    That is sux with platinum !!!
    I think that With my silver or gold brain I sould be able to understand these thoughts...LOL
  • EuanM


    After review of the status requirements for this video, we agree it is appropriate to reduce the status requirements.
  • kukkiwonBG


  • Bartmannn


    Little bit disappointed about the vid. Just wondering why it was considered to be platinum first. Really basic stuff. Even for silver its not very advanced! ;)
  • faarcyde


    So what you guys are saying is this video shouldn't be Platinum status? ;-)

    I don't have any say on what level it is released at although in retrospect I should have considered my normal audience a bit more. I get a lot of questions about my HUD from PS and non-PS users so I thought it would be helpful to make a short video.

    Back to regular scheduled programming next week :-)
  • Wettest


    I'm new to HM and I found this video helpful, thanks. The default pop-up is huge for me so the video made me think to make it concise. I liked the quick explanation of each stats and how to use them effectively. It will be nice to see a little more detailed version of this video in future. 'Additional HUD' part was unclear to me, so it will also be nice to have further explanations (what is it for and how to use it). A screenshot of how do HUD and pop-up look in game play is also helpful (to see optimal layout).
  • Daftpunk007


    Hey dude. Thanks for the vid. I always wondered how to customise my stats and now I do. Even If everyone who watched the vid totally disagrees with the way you have your stats at least they know how to set them themselves.

    So once again thanks for the vid. ;)
  • davidgod


    Sorry but I don't agree with your idea of hud lol.
    I open 16tables but still use 30 data in my hud. I don't feel any problem to look up it even there are 30 datas, if you remember each data's position.
  • davidgod


    where i can watch more of your st vedio? in card runner? is there any other places?
  • Gerovit


    @25 fak cardrunners PS rules!
  • gp00053


    Great Video. Good tip on mucked hands. Thanks


    I found this video useful to help me setup my HuD. Thx!
  • EverSteel


    hey faarcyde,

    please send me your HUD to and I'll give it to the guys in Russian community if you dont mind.

  • samson11


    Surely a HUD vid should be made available to the basic members of PS as it would no doubt aid them climb the ranks at PS faster and also help them survive on their journey!