Introduction to 5 Card Draw

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EvGalois debuts his first series with an introduction to Five card draw, in addition to a small sessionreview so we get a feel for the tables. EvGalois makes bankroll recommendations and discusses the low-variance and profitable nature of the game.


Beginner draw PokerStars series Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • BluffinBilbo


    Really nice video, looking forward to the next one !
  • EmilDahlman


    It's you on that picture in the beginning! Thousand years old man, i knew it! :)
  • doctorkgb


    I like it a lot. Basic stuff, but without any uneccessary information. Can't wait to see strategy material.
  • teampoland


    Are you going to use galois field extentions in your analysis?
  • abaddoncv


    Very nice.
  • purple16


    very nice, thanks ! :)
  • elcharly


    nice video, its time to try card draw
  • osmium


    I cant seem to find the software pokerhands at google. The only link I found was on 2+2 and that link was dead. Can you post the link for the software please? Thank you. Btw liked the video
  • mirari88


    keep on doing vids, usefull material!
  • SniffvsSnaf


    I wonderd why my EV in 5C was dropping - now I see - we got a 5Card Video out there...

    mhh... lets see - maybe I can learn something out of it too :-D
  • LX4DR


    hmm played 5card for 300 hands 0.25/0.50... and im a loosing player :(

    maybe after ur next vid im better;) what hands to draw etc.

    thx for loosing

    the fish ^^
  • emotv


    Thanx for video, i always love to learn new money making games.
  • EvGalois


    Hello! Thank you everyone for all the positive comments! It really warms; especially since it is a bit of a debut for me on I hope the next one will be even better.

    It is time that we start talking more on the forums here and put some flame into this game. So feel free to post hands or game scenarios concerning 5CD in the forum. I will be there to share thoughts and comments.

    Let me first try to answer some of your short questions here.

    #5 Galois theory and abstract algebra is not something I specifically intend to use in the upcomming videos and articles.

    #9 As far as software. There was a while ago I recorded this video (months). I was thinking about not saying anything about software first but I decided to since some players actively use or have used this ”Poker Hands” (tracker and HUD for 5CD, badugi and TD Lowball). The latest news as far as the development is that the project has been "put on ice" a little bit. Some bugs have been detected as far as the database (after X amounts of hands) and the HUD is not working properly. I have been in contacts with many software developers to try to promote draw games in general and persuade them to develop a software. None of them really started - and the interest was not so high... It is sad... If you want to follow the discussion then browse on "cartridge software poker hands" on Google. I really don't want to post sources I am not sure of here on and also I haven't spoken with people involved in the great Elephant project – maybe they would be positive if there is a big interest in draw games.
    However latest news is that there is now another group that goes under the name "POKEIT". If you google on POKEIT and 5CD and then you sign up for the beta test (which should start soon according to one of the guys in the team). Try to mail them too and push for an early launch (I have)! Would be nice if they could present something useful without bugs or complicated installations. Hope this helps for now. I will get back with more substancial information about this later.

    #11 and #12 Maybe you could find some things that could be "flaws" in your games and correct it. We all have different styles of plays but as far as FL 5CD there are some "general" concepts that should apply for everyone who wants to be long-term profitable. More on this later.

    Once again, many thanks and I really appreciated this response! Good luck at the tables and may all your draws be mons
  • EvGalois


    ters. -- EvGalois
  • Dinamic100


    great video thanks and hope in other video !
  • weedo25


    low variance game yeah right, down 35BB in 300 hands, so many setups, draws hit it is insane, sow guy just calling with set of Q, people dont bluff ever on microstakes
  • tryhardnoob


    [x] Fail english
  • weedo25


    [x] pro trolling
  • JumpSeat


    my real name is quit different
  • moneymaker19


    Great video and even better articles! I guess your a fellow swede to?
  • Systemrock


    Nice Video. I just started to play some CG Tables after watching it and waht should i say ... i made a good amount of money, so thx for that ;)
  • meneeraardvark


    Thx for the video - I started playing 5 card draw about two weeks ago on Pokerstars and roughly doubled my bankroll since. I think I can beat the fish, but I have the feeling I still get screwed over by the better players, as I caught them bluffing once in a while by raising with an OESD, pretending they have two pair, then betting after the draw. But then: why would you bet two pair after the draw if you're only going to get called by three-of-a-kind or better?

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next parts.
  • abcdefg182


    Very good!
  • moneymanni11


    Nice video, thank you!
  • flexifronto


    Thank you very much for the video!
  • Frayyex


    Really looking forward for a next movie!
  • MPilcha


    waiting for strategy videossss
  • evilknivel41


    more on 5cd plz, maybe sth about PL or HU .
  • pokeryogi888


    thanks for the vid !