SuperStars - Part 1

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $6 - $16
  • Fullring
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In this new series by lessthanthreee, we are shown a two-part sessionreview at PokerStars, where he plays some $7 & $16 SnG's as well as some HU SnG's at the end of the series! Stay tuned!


ICM PokerStars Session Review

Comments (26)

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  • DanielK


    Enjoy the video and please keeps the comments in English!
  • Gavron23


    Thanks for the good video :)
    on 7:19 Top left AT hand, what is the bottom of your iso range here?
  • lessthanthreee



    depends how spewy i feel haha!

    i think the standard iso range is something like A8o+ KJ+ 77+ A5s+

    i might iso wider if hes a super fish. i also might limp behind some of that range if i feel the blinds will make huge mistakes in limped pots and no one will raise light.
  • Gavron23


    37:49 isn't it better to just raise/ fold instead of shoving against the nit?
  • Gavron23


    also for the 7:19 hand - if he is like a 50/5 type super playing very honest postflop fish would you consider adding
    suited connectors like 78s,89s,T9s , any suited ace etc. or this just passes the boundaries of spewyness :)
  • lessthanthreee


    @gavron, yeah i actually prefer raise/fold against this guy or limp/stab rather than shipping. well spotted.

    yes adding those hands is perfectly fine! you can iso anything playable if they are that bad.
  • jamil88


    Thanks for the vid, always very interesting. :)
    min 11:00, wuold you consider betting the turn even if we don't hit a club?
  • lessthanthreee



    definitely. i think i would bet any turn card. putting these guys on air on the flop we should be able to profitably bet 1/2 pot into 2 people and get enough folds on any turn card to make it profitable. if called we might still have outs to improve to a better pair on the river.
  • Tim64


    11:00 A8s I like your call preflop (for you), but just wondering if, for the audience of this video, a fold is more appropriate since it takes a lot of discipline to get away from Axx flops as a new player.
  • Tim64


    ^^ Just seen the outcome of the A8s hand. I think it helps to clarify why this spot is so marginal pre for beginning players. We end up putting in 1/5th of our stack on the turn, make the nuts on the river, and still make no more money. I think our hand is somewhat face up as a turned flush draw when we lead on this card and call the small raise. So I expect villain to check/back a Jx alot (which surely makes up most of his range). For that reason, I think we have to lead the river for a modest amount (notwithstanding it looks obvious) since its the only way to justify our turn call. I'd also lead the river if an Ace hit.
  • Tim64


    21:30 K2o. Like the complete pre. But at this limit I think we should just proceed with our plan of stabbing (the fact that we hit top pair is a bonus) and hope to get called by Ace high (not all plyrs are raising weak aces pre), 5x or 8x, flush draws or random air floats. At higher limits ch/c might indeed be good vs aggro opponents. I think Ace on turn is a bad card for us since it makes the board scarier for 5x or 8x and harder for us to get value. I would bet it anyway though, since he probably isnt betting now if he didnt bet the flop.
  • Tim64


    29:00 AQs; horrid spot :( It does feel like a fold vs this guy, I agree. Only factor in favour of calling is fact we are obviously iso'ing a wide range (see prev hand where we just fold flop to 1/3 pot donk) so he could be shoving wider... I probably nit it up and fold anyway too, though.
  • Tim64


    Great vid, as always! Thank you.
  • lessthanthreee



    A8s. I agree if you are a new player and dont feel confident playing deepish oop you should just fold pre. I hoped I explained that clearly in the video.

    yes getting value on the river is tough. I think a small donk might be better against most unknowns who cant fold top pair but wont thin value-bet. against a more aggressive player or a reg c/r looks better imo.

    K2o. i would lead against all unknowns. this guy looked like a reggy type player, I would assume he would just stab with atc after i checked to him cause 'checking is weak' ;) . i think someone with these stats would raise a fair amount of Kx and Ax pre, we are basically way ahead way behind. let him catch up and get thin value on future streets.

    AQs. i agree, but 90% of regs arent on that level, they just pushbot their standard range and won't adjust to my iso range. also im iso-ing with a shorter stack in this spot so really my range isnt that much wider than my opening range.

    thnx for the comments :)
  • Proky11


    Thanks for vid! Pokerstars Turbo SnG vids are always welcome ;-)
  • nylmka


    30:00 When you fold AQo against a regular shove. Probably is a good fold, but I think that his range is wider than AJ+ 88+ becouse he knows that you are isoleting with the fish (a few hands ago he saw this situation). I allways call this ship becouse he had plus than 20% of his stck in the pot and AQo is on the top of my isolating range. Probably I'm wrong and I'm fish xD
    Thanks for the video and comments
  • Spockomatic


    nice, keep up the good work
  • Mark1790


    Another great video thankyou.
  • goldchess


    1:58 You complete the SB with 84s, is this really profitable? We can't really continue unless we we hit 2 pair or a draw, with a draw being the most likely, but even then we are OOP and it sucks to get value when we hit. Maybe its just about ok on the $7 limit because people will pay you off?
  • goldchess


    5:37 Is 2.5x your standard raise size here? I don't really like it at t20, would always 3x or 3.5x from EP
    15:17 What is your play with AQ here, vs the EP open from the regular? I would fold this too, maybe its wrong seeing as you say AJ is close.
  • goldchess


    21:15 I agree with Tim, I would rather bet this flop. I'd probably be looking to get 2 streets of value, and feel much better about going for flop+turn. Also there aren't that many turn cards we are happy to see, apart from a K or a 2. E.g if you had the K high BDFD I would feel much better about ch/c
  • goldchess


    24:55 JTs, AQ hands I would rather go for 150-175 sizing for our iso. It gives us much more room to play postflop, and we can still easily get it in by the river
  • goldchess


    32:00 Nit-picking again, but I slightly prefer a minraise, gives the SB a worse price to resteal
  • goldchess


    33:20 His call with 76s is actually insanely profitable vs any2 (+0.3) while pretty much breakeven vs the nash range
  • goldchess


    39:05 Super important imo to notice that the regular on the bottom right limps at this blind level, then folds to a shove
  • lessthanthreee



    84s , its not mandatory to complete. i like playing pots with fish.

    2.5x-3x either is fine, not a big deal.

    I would prob flat AQo vs that guy who had an abnormally high PRF for a reg.

    K2o , both lines are fine. :)

    JTs, i agree. i dont make it this size anymore.

    67s, like i said in the vid. its close in nash.

    thnx for watching :)