Pink Performance - Part 8

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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In the eighth part of Pink Performance, we remain to discuss TwiceT's play at 888 with vonki providing her own point of view on the actions he takes.


Multicoach Pink Performance

Comments (17)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new episode of Pink Performance with TwiceT & vonki !

    How do you think TwiceT played?
  • Absolutism


    25 min long analysis of a 57o in a 3bet pot:)
  • JOYS3R


    10-12 min only analysis, and if u dont understand, watch other videos :P
  • fortunewheel


    the K5 hand was just ludicrous. U always seem to look for a reason to get fancy in certain spots
  • fortunewheel


    checking the turn with position would have been much much better imo with the K5o
  • StaticMoth


    Discussion about mono flops/4 to flush cards hitting ...

    Imo Vonki's analysis is way off there, they're SNAPPING if they have a pocket with a club.

    Esp when it checked through 2 streets and they don't have to put in their whole stack.

    It's just one bet and they have a flush ... click call
  • kacsa1st


    nice job, keep on!!

    and big THX!!!
  • sausage646


    yh great video please stop those screaming peoples in background realllly annoying
  • GregWawelski


    I like the conntent, because your LAG style is great, but the quality of the video is TERRIBLE! A powerpoint presentation mTade of screenshots from your game would look just the same. Screaming in the background - no comments.
  • Gabinr1


    Another great vid! Keep them coming :)

    @57o hand, I actually like the check behind - check behind - bluff river line on that board. With 88 villain might call a bet on the turn as A is a scare card and why would you bet an A or a Q if you would have one. Also on the river he might think that if you had a bluff you would probably bluff it on the turn when the A hit, a scare card.

    With this line we also take some value when Villain bluffs his air on the river when we actually have an A or a Q.
  • Alph0r


    #what was so bad about the K5 hand? I think preflop and flop at least were certainly ok.
  • RottPete


    Great video :)
  • Dodozz


    I like all your videos, but actually I hate that it is so long :P ,I think all would prefer video of 45min or so.. but anyways good job man.
  • mallikarim


    I wanna kill TwiceT's friends!!!:D
  • SPeedFANat1c


    I don't understand river call with 49 @13:38, I would insta fold it.
  • zumpar


    looks like im pretty late for this one, but

    2:30 - the AA hand, isnt the best option by far betting like $11 otr? hands like 99-QQ are almost always crycalling this sizing imo + Kx is almost always jamming here, so we dont lose value vs Kx this way, but we def lose value against underpair by overjamming river ourselves, cuz he never ever ever calls an overbet with this part of range

  • zumpar


    and i forgot, there are also some missed FD's possible in his range vs which we get no value by overbetting, but our $11 sizing might make him spazz and jam putting us on underpairs maybe...?