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In the new English video from Kobeyard, we are taken through various heads-up & shorthanded examples, where kobeyard makes some comments about his own & his opponents play.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new video Kobeyard has made for our English community!

    He awaits your questions & feedback!
  • dynedyne


    Nice vid,

    didn't even notice "obviously" that much, until you commented on it yourself. Liked the brief explanation about Game Theory.
  • lui69


    Hello Kobeee ^^

    Actually i was able to listen to you^^
    Its a great video so far and i hope to see some more, especially as a goldmember ^^

    Well to be a lil more detailed, i really would love to here some more gametheoretical stuff.. I very liked your monolog about Stones, Papers and stuff ^^

    give me more
  • taavi1337


    Liked it a lot, some nice ideas about King high.

    hoping to see more
  • jimmy99x


    nice one . give us more . thanks alot
  • EverSteel


    hey kobeyard,

    you say that we can tighten our SB openraise if the BB is very strong and aggressive (esp if he pushed us around in the previous hands).
    What is a baseline range gonna be for such situations, where is the borderline?
    If we know we cannot do this with T5s, that means we gotta start from T7s or T8s. How do we proceed with other suited connectors?
    great video overall, ty!
  • caeci


    very good content!

    Thanks Kobe
  • kobeyard


    hey guys,

    thanks for the comments

    @ eversteel: i dont have a certain range in mind. maybe it can look like 65s, 76s, 86s+, 87o, 96s+, 97o+, T6s+, T8o, J2s+, J6o, any Qx, Kx, Ax, Pocketpair.
    But thats just a rough estimation that came to my mind at first glance so no guarantee its the best range.

    you should try to think about this on your own and make some evaluations with equilab and equilator to get a feeling for your range.