When to continue barreling after check-raising the flop

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Raskolnikov further divulges valuable but nonetheless simple, strategies to tackle the heads-up profit margins - in his third Video with PokerStrategy.com he discusses when to continue barrelling after a check-raise on the flop.


Contibet heads headsup series Session Review Simple thematic video turn barrel

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest video from Raskolnikov which focuses on when to barrel the turn!

    Please leave any questions or comments for the coach below!
  • acceleration123


    Yeeee ! Haven´t seen the vid yet, but will watch it later today, I´m sure it´s gonna be great, as always :)
  • grrgrrbla


    @min8:34: cbet% of 54 is perfectly fine headsup vs an opponent who defends a strong range and checkraises/floats alot and plays aggressive and well, most good midstakes/highstakes regs cbet around 55-65% , to me the question is more: how does he play the turn? does he delayed cbet alot? does he fold to donks alot? does he fold to checkraises alot on the turn?
  • RandomGenerator


    In the Q9s hand. How about betting the 7d and 8d turns also?

    These cards give us very much equity, so we don't need much fold equity for the bet to be profitable.
  • SpiderZorro


    great video, i learned a lot, very usefull for sh-players, I hope there will be a 2. or 3. part!
  • Kana54


    (56s) What are u doing if a 7 or 3 of club fall on the turn, you probably bet it, but if the opponent raises ?
  • RandomGenerator


    (56s) are you sure we should bet into 4h and 8h on the turn?
  • Raskolnikov


    As a quick pitch for myself:
    If you like my videos, I highly recommend 1-1 coaching:


    Will answer questions in a sec
  • Raskolnikov


    #3 disagree. 55cbet just HAS to be to low unless you're playing against a nutjub.

    #4 pls give the time when it happened. I produced this some time ago;)
  • Raskolnikov


    #5 Thanks a lot! If you want, you can be part of part2. Contact me.


    Simple poker. We got a straight =
    INSTA stackoff and feel happy.

    I'm not in the business of folding sets or straights. I leave that to the "Artists and Geniuses" who call off 400BB with 5th pair and fold a set to a single bet because of a "sick read" ;)
  • Raskolnikov



    Bet because our equity improved dramatically.

    We dont have much fold equity, but its made up by us having for equity.
  • Raskolnikov



    There were not many hands, so i did find the Q9 ;).

    Answer: I would bet ANY diamond, same reasoning like #11 of myself.

    Just be ware we're not gonna get thaaat many folds.
  • Tim64


    Just love this. So simple; so good. Thx!
  • phantommm92


    i'd say the best HU video in english community, ty very much
  • luckexpress


    very very good video!
  • deivid2


    greats video! I love your style, you talk cleary and simple and that is what 99% poker is.
  • acceleration123


    Best vid I´ve ever seen. Thank you.
  • acceleration123


    Best vid I´ve ever seen probably. Thx.
  • MichelleAce


    awesome! ty for that great video! =)
  • sandmark1


    When you are bluf check-raise flop on drawy bordtextures you generally suggest giving up on turn if board pairs? (against unknown opps)
    Refering to last hand where Hero holds 56 and flop
    (8-4-2.)If the turn would be a non heart 4 or 2. It feels unlikely he would call check-raise with only a 2 and a average guy might fold some weak 4 like 45. I feel his range consist a lot of draws and top pairs. Stronger he would 3bet since its drawy. I dont know about you but if i would be holding any draw or even something like 87 i wouldnt be very inclined to continue with my hand if my opponent fires a second time given there hasnt been any crazy dynamic.
  • Arcanis23


    great video
  • aciddrop


    Truly educational, no one needs to tell you this guy is good, it is in every word.
  • kirkoksa


    great great video.. plz more
  • Raskolnikov


    Thanks so much for the great feedback!

    It may sound cheesy, but i just woke up, got some shitty news and this really makes me smile!


    Yes, generally speaking you are rigth.

    HOWEVER. We usually "give up" because we don't have any equity. Here i would barrel, because we do have an OESD and he needs to fold less % of the time, because we have

    a) more outs
    b) implied odds when hitting river and getting paid off

    If we had 9Jo or other crap, its an ez give up.

    Again, all generally speaking.
  • serverghost


    can you upload the hud pls?
  • yoshiwa


    @ 50:00 you mention we could bet a spade as a bluf in case we would be bluffing , telling in the same sentence it is a good valuebet with our K9 because alot of pair+fd type hands can call?
    I would say , in case a spade hits on the turn and we were blufch-raising it would be a good spot to give up because we surely dont fold out a K , and alot of other hands can call aswell ?
  • Raskolnikov



    email to bestpokercoach@gmail.com and ask. My assistant will send it to you.


    in another video, at the end of comments there is an upload link.

    Fwiw, its a HEM1 xml file
  • Raskolnikov


    #26 You make a good point and i should have explained that in more detail in the vid.

    (i answer assuming you meant "club" instead of spade and also bluff "betting" the turn, not raising as we are first to act.)

    It "seems" like a contradiction. To make it simple:

    1) It can be a good bluff card as he will fold out Ax and hands that are not Pair + draw.

    I always bluff with equity, so even if those pair + fd type of hands call, it can still be +EV because of our amount of equity.

    I guess we should use the word semi-bluff instead.

    2) At the same time valuebetting with Kx vs this guy is good, because despite him folding a bunch of his crap-floats, he can still call with worse as described.
  • Raskolnikov


    Another different example to make the point VERY clear:

    You got the 3rd nuts on the river and Villain will fold to a bet 80% of the time.

    => bluff with any two

    => Valuebet with the 3rd nuts, because some of the very few hands he will call are the 4-6th nuts
  • Clevelandpoker


    you puts lots of pressure on chris!hehe. seems de HU is you vs him :)but he passed the exam very well. congrats very useful vid.
  • yoshiwa


    i refered to a blufraise on the flop and then the action best te continue on the turn ;)
    So infact this is a spot where you strive to have an opaque range , making you a very hard player to counter?
    Because , the backdoorequity only can justify our semibluf , in case he can call alot of combos like here , when we dominate his 'backdoorequity' and therefore create alot of implied odds?
  • Raskolnikov



    yeah, he did very well. I'm more on the tough side when coaching, it brings better results as if i would be grandmas darling.


    You could say it that way. But actually i never do anything to be "hard to play" or "balanced".

    I just look at every situation and player and figure what the best play is.

    Here its really simple. The guy HATES folding to checkraises, so raising K9 is the most obvious answer.

    Actually it doesn't get more complicated than that.

    Complete bluffraises vs this guy is suicide as Chris experienced when playing ;). My most "loose" checkraise vs this guy is with an OESD, nothing lighter.
  • Raskolnikov


    Making the best moves automatically makes you "hard to play" . It looks like semantics, but most players these days do it the other way around, which has (negative) effects on their game and mindset.
  • Sneijder1091


    Gordon! congratulations best videos ive ever seen... better than galfond and co.! Thanks a lot
    Very nice hand PokerStrategy
  • Falco35


    Youre talking about HUD stats in this vid. I think kruppes Fold to CBet is extremly low with 18%. And this while Villain is just CBetting about 1/2 of the time. I think this is way to low Fold to CBet and hes floating way to much imho!
  • Raskolnikov



    yeah, nice observation and not even close.
    I told him, perhaps even during the vid (can't remember) that he's floating waaay to much. AND raising obv way to much
  • Falco35


    Yeah, I posted at the beginning of the vid. You say it-Hero c/r like a maniac and so Hero has this extrem low Fold to CBet.
  • eudodo


    Another nice one! Thanks Raskolnikov. Hope to see 6 max at some point.
  • Gavron23


    Simply great, and I don't even play NLHU:)
  • Ohs


    Pure awesomness.
  • doctorkgb


    Great video! You just do what is most important to players taht want to improve. You do't give us bs but pure logical stuff. I wish that I was your student.
  • Patsche09


  • Rifik


    You are indeed best poker coash, soon I will book some coashing;)
  • francisco42k


    Until this video, my favorite poker coach was yourdoom, now i have a new one... ty very much sir!...
  • double2


    Awesome video"
  • Johniiicek


    just wow. When I heard the introduction I said to myslef: "LOL, thats story of my life" Thanks again Gordon, please do more videos. please please please :)
  • misspookie


    but the main point at 33 min of video your talking about raising and barreling cards this guy is only folding 25% of the time to a flop raise there is no reason to even go any further with the hand raising the flop to begin with imo.
  • misspookie


    You crack me up gordon he said im worried about 7 9 but thats out of 2 million hands your raising haha. Ya a 36% flop raise thats a little over doing it imo.
  • misspookie


    about 39 min of video we are bluffing here but how much do we bluff? Can you get away with half pot? Id put him on 8 or 5 and id bet around 23
  • misspookie


    I know we keep talking about their stats but what about our stats? He is raising 36% shouldn't he look at his stat and say you know what I need ot switch gears and only do it with made hands cause he is not folding
  • uros19


    34. min
    what do you think of barreling a 2,3,4,6 or a 7 of spades?
    I think in one way this cards are good to barrel but will not achieve our goal of folding his one pair type hands, so we will probably have to barrel the river on a blank (with blank I mean non spade card and not cards that pair the board).