Let's Go Turbo!

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DonBartos provides us with a theory presentation of how to best approach Turbo tournaments.


ICM Theory Video turbo

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy as DonBartos offers his thoughts and explanations for play in Turbo structured games!

    We look forward to hearing your Feedback & Comments as always!
  • myCQRE


    new kids TURBO!
  • jociasija


    no content in this at all
  • DonBartos


    @3 I agree and Im sorry for that. This is mainly an introductional video. The real mtt content will come in the next parts.
  • BleakAmaranth


  • DonBartos


    If anyone has any feedback, comments or suggestions for this videoserie, let me know.
  • jociasija


    btw I didn't mean to be rude or anything, I think you are an awesome player, so just wanted to see some action:) looking forward next parts then !
  • DonBartos


    Thanks sir :)
  • endreKKKK


    hope it comes soon = ) cause i'd like the topic = )
    always interesting ranges of calling/pushing at MTT. But will it be 180men?45men? or big massive and NICE MTT =) =)

    you could also put in some turbo Rebuy MTT...

    w8ting for next parts
    = )
  • DonBartos


    For now it will be just MTTs, I do play 18/45/180mans aswell but I dont plan on making videosfor them. Im not sure which MTTs will be reviewed yet but it will probable be a mix of my games and userreviews. I do play basically everything from $0.50 to $215, so we could have a wide range of options.
  • Laccyby


    i would like to see some 40-100$ BI turbo mtt reviews
  • zarsky


    I personally liked it.
    Nice little vid bout things to remember.
    Thanks, looking forward to future parts
  • nylmka


    Hi DonBartos! It's a really interesting video, thank you.
    This reminds me of when I played MTTs in FTP (45 players, ABI 13$). I have a 40% ROI in this type of sits, but I have only 663 sits played (my nickname NicolaiAbrami). I used to play 3-4 tables at the same time.
    I have tryed to play MTTs in PS and I'm not a loser player but I can't win real money (ROI 2%). I don't know the reason,I think that could depend of the blind-structure. I want to ask you if you know other cases like that and if you have a theory about that.
    Thank you
  • DonBartos


    @13, when i tarted, i was a nreakeven/losing player at stars and had a big edge at ipoker and ftp etc. I think the playerpool is stronger with more regs on stars. Sites like ipoker are much weaker but they dont have so much traffic for mtsng/mtt. It could still be variance but I do believe stars is somewhat harder to crush.

    Thanks for the kind words btw :)
  • DonBartos


    Meh sorry for the bad typing. Damn phone
  • nylmka


    Thak you DonBartos!Don't worry about the typing, I also hate write something with my phone. It's never easy :)
    Probably it's variance, the number of sngmt in PS that I have played,is not big. And of course PS has more regs than FTP.
    So I gonna see the next parts and I'll try again :)
    Thank you
  • gordy1957


    looking forward to this,lots of stuff I need to know.
    Also want to hear about when Don TARTED. lol.
  • RekopX


    is "player notes" a software? and if could u post a link?
  • RekopX


    nvm watcht the video to the end
  • Dodozz


    Perfect video for me, I really needed to see something like that.

    Atm, I start to play MTT, SnGs...

    Very helpful video for me , good job
  • duder1n0


    Great series, thanks, really looking forward to next parts!
  • bmfbpi


    when is the next video coming out ?
  • DonBartos


    Working on it:)