WCOOP Main - Part 3

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $5200
  • Fullring
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Chenny8888 will use the Hold 'em Manager 2 re-player in his latest video series, to conduct the review of his play the main event of the WCOOP, into which he entered via satellite. The third part will continue the re-player review of the tournament, thoughts and commentary bring provided by our tournament expert chenny8888 throughout.


hand history review series Session Review WCOOP Main Event 2011

Comments (15)

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  • jaceface1


    Its really getting annoying here.
    Like very second video has a delay between the audio and viedo.
    I was looking forward to this vid....
    But i just cant watch it with this delay.
    Dear pokerstrategy pls get into this problem with the delay in plenty of your videos and fix it somehow.
  • rom187


    jama- dharma is a recreational player?? really??
  • D4niD4nsen


    isnt he a fixed limit highstakes-regular over few years with solid winnings ?
  • chenny8888


    you could easily be right, i recall the name in a couple of the high stakes recaps etc. still, it definitely doesn't mean that he's one of the people we should be particularly worried about in a 5200$ NLHE MTT.
  • jaceface1


    I have to admit that there is no delay anymore. I guess it was a problem on my side.
    Very good video chenny888. Keep em coming :)
  • jaceface1


    Hey i dont agree to your play at
    min31 u or 99 and u flat a 3 bet.
    giving the fact that hell cbet like everytime there if checked to him.
    I prefer a 4bet fold. Esp giving the fact that your most likley call a flop bet anyways. In that case you called a 4 k flop bet to check fold the turn.
    If u would have 4 bet pre it would cost u less and u would have alot of fold eq imo.
    There a basicly no hands with he will/should call a 4 bet there. Some players will do it with like jj+ Some with ak (seen this b4) so i dont see him getting out of line there ever if he calls a 4 bet. How scary does it look when u 4bet check to him.
    Okay turning 99 into a bluff ist might not the greatest play ever but giving the fact you are not 200 bb deep and your out of positoin. i prefer the 4 bet.
  • jaceface1


    Min35. U have 77 u call a raise from sb wich is fine imo. Then u check raise the flop with ur set. U say that u rep bluffs by CR the flop. I doubt that in case you were bad and passiv( based on your flat pre) ull never CR air there.
    As played i would love a river check.
    Hes not calling with 1 pair there like ever ( maybe AK or AJ but thats it imo)He would obv check those back alot of the time.
    but hell value bet there alot of his 2 pairs. And a decent amount of the time his missed draws.
    A CR flop bet turn check river lines looks like a missed draw imo.
    So he might dont bet his missed draws there when he has like kx suited. But i think hell bet all worse draws there.
  • chenny8888


    min 35: we have a lot of draws that we can represent by check/raising, quite a few J9, T9 type hands that we could have taken this line with. Just because we flatted SB in this situation rather than 3betting doesn't necessarily mean that we're a bad player... ????

    as played by the time we get to the river when our range is polarised towards a missed draw (folds to a bet) or a nutted hand, if we check he checks back a lot of his hands. so the superior play is to shove and have him put us on a missed draw. anyway this hand is closeish, check/call flop check/raise turn is certainly an option but it is one i dislike because it's harder to balance in general.

    min 31: this isn't a close decision at all. if you are 4bet/folding 99 you are making a colossal mistake (it's very very VERY big!) in any field with decent players. firstly it plays poorly with low SPR compared to other hands just because of how often overcards/bad boards where we have unknown equity come. secondly people are often going to fold with worse hands than yours, or push all-in. in the latter scenario, we end up putting in a very large amount of money with the best hand only to fold (this is a bad thing to do). lastly, 99 has no blockers if you are intending to turn it into a bluff, so it's not like he will have hands that are better than us less often.
  • jaceface1


    Min35 U said that if he thinks that im a bad player i can rep AIR by CR.
    Beeing bad myself and playing against bad players i can promise u thats not the case.
    WHY ? Some players play super aggro yes.
    But howmany bad players flat pre to CR the flop WITH AIR ????
    Min31 U say they fold worse hands. But are they cheking worse hands down when they miss if its checked to them ? And is it a bad think to get like KJs to fold pre beeing out ofposition and not so deeb.
    AS played u had to put him on AQ KK AA to make this fold When u put him on a range like this u have to fold pre.
    YES i see it alot in med to higher buyin tourneys That regs give up their underpair to a second bet.
    And like everbody knows that. So theres def a big chance that he bets all his ace highs there to get you of your hand wich is face up in a spot like this.
    And i doubt that the most players shove underpairs to your 99 there
    Thats aint a cash game were you can 5 bet shove 55 against a reg and make a small profit with this play.
    I agree it sounds like im hating or so. but thats not the case!
    I def do alot of thinks wrong ! These plays are a based on my thoughts.
    SO i have to write my thoughts down to get a view of a way better player on this. So i can might chance thinks.
  • makejack


  • chenny8888


    @10: no, i may make some chinese videos based on other tournaments though. also please do not use chinese for english videos ;)

    @9: lots of players? check/raising isn't reserved for just "good players". in fact if i saw someone check/raise me on this specific board i would more likely think they are a fish semi-bluffing here.

    Min31: just no, he doesn't 3bet worse pairs in position. his range is a lot more polarised between the very best hands, that are willing to get it in vs a 4bet and hands like T9o, KTo that are at the top of his folding range. if we 4bet him all that happens is he takes some of the hands that we beat (not many!) and goes all-in with them. hands like A6s perhaps, or A2-A5s if he decides not to flat them preflop. He will also shove all the hands that we are crushed by (MAYBE slowplaying a couple by calling, and calling some JTs hands as well). this forces us to put more money in the pot and then have to fold.

    we are also flatting preflop with AQ (also KQ if our opponent is quite aggro, not in this specific situation though) in these spots, so the fact that it comes Q high and he 2 barrels his ace highs to get us to fold pairs isn't the best for him because we will have AQ too often.
  • jaceface1


    Ja u.r i see it now. I agree 99%^^ on your thoughts.
    I def was totaly wrong there.
    Where does the 1% come from ? ^^
    Dont wanna be bitchy but....
    Air is not a draw for me:) So based on u saying i can rep Air there when he thinks that im a bad player.....^^
    Thank you for taking the time to respond on my question.
  • chenny8888


    i guess, we can have some KQ with a bdfd hands here also though
  • thomasschlegel2


    good video, but i dont get the aa hand.

    turn is 10, one of the most bad for you.

    you are turning aa into a bluff with that push. he would not call you with aq or ak because i think he would not beat any reasonable hand with that.

    you are representing ak or aq thats why he called with aces, but its also a close call with aces.
  • chenny8888


    yea it seemed marginal at the time, probably a check back is better. i disagree with the range of hands you think he'll call us with however. it's a 4bet! pot and i just feel people call wider there for fear of getting bluffed by some trashy suited hand that decided to hoodflat preflop